I HATE being invaded.

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User Info: Retrogamer79

3 years ago#91
Just for fun when I get invaded sometimes I hit the PS button and go offline so they get sent back to their world...oh the hatemail is just piling up lol.
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User Info: NoSnacks

3 years ago#92
darklink67 posted...
Then this isn't the game for you my son.

Plain and simple. your entire argument stems from the fact that you are not gud. Just watch some pvp on YouTube or twitch, it will help you understand how to deal with invaders, I promise.

But this thread is nonsense, too many walls of text, people are trying to HELP you and you continue to bicker. I'm not the type of person to throw out generic over-used statements however, in this case, it's necessary..

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User Info: femiwhat

3 years ago#93
Shinebolt posted...
eomer314 posted...
I think my main gripe is being invaded while hollow. Invading/co-op aren't the only things enabled by being online, so the "play offline" argument goes out the window. If I can't summon while hollow, you shouldn't be able to invade me when I'm hollow.

Same here. In this game hollow form is just a straight up punishment without any real benefit to balance it out. In DeS you lost 50$ HP and co-op but gained an attack boost and no invasions. In Dark Souls it was the loss of co-op and invasions which was a pretty fair trade.

In this game though you just lose HP and the ability to co-op. There's really no point to it at all other then to say "you suck so we'll punish you for being bad and make you die more."

And yeah a lot of people seem to forget that online also enables bloodstains, messages, and seeing other players running around and at bonfires which are all really neat and the main reasons I play online. I try to play offline but the aforementioned features are just really neat things I like about the game and the world kinda feels empty without them.

Exactly this. Invasion in DS2 is out of whack with the benefits of being vulnerable to invasion. Trading being invadable for being able to summon friends under a system where hollows were able to regain humanity by killing monsters when necessary is TOTALLY different from the new system of always being invadable, having very limited means of recovering humanity, and generally being twice-screwed when you're hollow.

Invaders don't want a fair fight. They want the rush of crushing someone who shouldn't even have been an opponent.
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User Info: Ahriman

3 years ago#94
fruya posted...
Whenever I get invaded I just sign out of PSN, it's easier that way. The online ban doesn't even matter since you can just use a bone of order whenever and they auto replenish at things betwixt.

Hey wow, this is a really bad idea. You only ever get *ONE* bone of order. If you d/c all the time, you will eventually be barred from co-op forever on that character, while still being able to be invaded. So whatever you do when you get invaded, I would suggest that if you don't want to screw up your character, probably permanently, don't d/c.

e: oh nevermind, you can get another bone according to the wiki now. Still doesn't seem like a good idea.
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  3. I HATE being invaded.

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