Last Dark Souls II boss you died more than 10 times to?

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User Info: ravenom_06

3 years ago#1
It was Mytha on NG++, f*** her.
[This message was deleted at the request of a god, probably Zeus or Gwyn, because this guy is a total badass and we refuse to tolerate that]

User Info: FinstereSeelen

3 years ago#2
Only Ancient Dragon because I didn't use guides or watch videos

Once I figured out a strategy, he was easy as pie

User Info: applesforapples

3 years ago#3
Soloing Throne Watcher and Defender on my quality build.
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User Info: Don_of_Blades

3 years ago#4
demon of the song on my hexxer.

my mirror knight royally messed it up on that run (killed it solo with a santier spear at the time, and patience.)
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User Info: NovaLevossida

3 years ago#5
Ancient Dragon? I haven't lost 10 times on anything else.
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User Info: Pyth_the_Bull

3 years ago#6
applesforapples posted...
Soloing Throne Watcher and Defender on my quality build.

I was finishing up farming the Ruin Set (really wish I had done it in NG) and I was getting my intensity well past 8+. I've never seen so many phantoms killed by the Watcher and Defender.

Ended up solo'ing them several times with 3 player adjusted stats. They're much harder than Nashandra is.
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User Info: DelectableTears

3 years ago#7
If you count dying on the way to the boss, Velstadt. I was using a scimitar or something on my dex character and I could only tickle him and the squad of dudes before him. Clearing out the squad took a lot of time so I kept getting impatient and trying to run past them only to get killed, or forgetting to kill the bell guy under that stairs. One of the more frustrating Souls nights I have, that one.

User Info: Kafukay

3 years ago#8
Velstadt and Throne duo on my SL1 melee only run

Velstadt wasn't actually hard but after he buffed up he can one shot me with anything, and I kept letting him hit me for no reason-_-

Throne duo tho, it's probably the hardest fight in all souls' games for me.

User Info: iLXeNk

3 years ago#9
Ruin Sentinels when I first got to them as a pure caster only build.
Ancient Dragon the first time I fought him on the same pure caster only build.

I die occasionally to various bosses when I mess up every now and then but I have completed a no death run (skipping optional bosses).
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User Info: Xion333

3 years ago#10
Smelter Demon on hard mode....aka keeping Lucatiel alive XD. I know there was the ascetic trick but I was being stubborn and wanted to beat the smelter with her.

Thankfully she decided to stick to a wall in my successful run on saving her
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