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User Info: applesforapples

3 years ago#1
Dear Lord being able to choose the name people see you by on PC is starting to take a toll on my mental well being. I've been wanting to recreate my spellsword character ( but have NOT been able to come up with a name.

So I'd like your help. The name can be anything, but I have a soft spot for folklore/mythology or just funny/witty usernames. If you can find a clever way to referencing "apples" in there, go for it. I just need help spitballing :)

Character: Spell Sword
Gender: Male

Physique: top right option (built)

Beard: Obviously

Tattoos: No. (On PC they occasionally cause spontaneous blackface)

Weapon of Choice: Blue Flame

Clothing of Choice: Various light armors, with leanings towards possibly Lucatiel's Set or this fashion souls (

Possible Name Themes: Knights, Spellswords, Dragons, Sages, Swords, Apples, Sorcery, Magic, Pop Culture, etc.

Alright then, Go for it! :D


oh come on, do you anything better to do :P
I'm decadent, all day, every day :D
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User Info: blackdeathrash

3 years ago#2

User Info: Stepswordsman

3 years ago#3
Pop Culture

Miles Cyrus?
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User Info: Exploited138

3 years ago#4
blackdeathrash posted...
PSN/Gamertag: Exploited138

User Info: Mean_Beanie

3 years ago#5
The Bold Italian

Citan Quotatious

Code le Spoilerz
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User Info: Unf0rgettable

3 years ago#6
Apples. It cleverly references "Apples"

User Info: Sparklelord

3 years ago#7
Looked over a list of apple types because I really don't have anything better to do :(

There's one called St. Everard.
St. Everard, as in this dude:

User Info: Gunlord500

3 years ago#8
LMAO, is the blackface thing on PC true? Those bugs, lol.

Anyway, how about PommeBleu? It's French for Blue Apple, cause your an apple with a blue flame ;3
*schnuzzles u contentedly*
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User Info: DespondentDeity

3 years ago#9
Orchard Warden Ringo
Your father lied. Killing is the sweetest thing there is.

User Info: applesforapples

3 years ago#10
Idk, some horrible horrible spitballs Imma toss out.

Some Horrible Ideas
"Sage Apples"


"Sir Apples"


"Dragon Sage"

Yeah, i know. Oh, and make sure to check that the name isn't censored using the below website. I know I should get censor bypassing, but honestly, eh.
I'm decadent, all day, every day :D
PSN: productofboredum --- Steam: theproductofboredom --- Feel free to add me :)
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