what is your favorite moment in all the souls games

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User Info: hemphoarder

3 years ago#1
Be it a boss/level intro, a fight or just a view. What is your favorite? Mine is when you ring the second bell. You know some serious s*** just happened and the anticipation of what is behind those gates was intense.
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User Info: ReahThorolund

3 years ago#2
Not sure...
The view in Huntsmans Copse, walking into Ash Lake, seeing a slab drop/vagrant, popping the 1K/Plat cheevo.
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User Info: Tales_of_Scott

3 years ago#3
The first time I fought O+S and took down one of those mofos only to realize that the REAL fight had just begun....

Also the first time I saw that second maneater and was just like......well damn.

For a DKS2 shoutout: I really like the bit where Lucatiel takes off her mask and reveals her undead cursed two-face.
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User Info: Gwyns_Beard

3 years ago#4
Maiden summoning the old one.

Holy s*** I thought I had to fight that big land mass and then the bait and switch was just amazing.
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User Info: GSenjou

3 years ago#5
When the Ogre just busts through the door in Aldia's and 1 shots you, classic.

User Info: Lord_Eliwood

3 years ago#6
Landing a PvP parry.

User Info: PHoToS999

3 years ago#7
The best thing ever is tricking someone with chameleon. Whether you're using it to waste their time, assassinate some foo's, or just push someone off a ledge, it's been one of my favorite spells in the entire series.
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User Info: Frostheat_22

3 years ago#8
Demon's Souls and Dark Souls.
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User Info: ReahThorolund

3 years ago#9
Lord_Eliwood posted...
Landing a PvP parry.

''Pika pika'' - Solaire

User Info: Sanguine_01

3 years ago#10
Probably getting summoned to assist the Old Monk for the first time.

I had put my blue sign down to assist someone in 3-1 and was waiting around when the words popped up your getting summoned, I didn't notice that it was slightly different since I was unaware you could be summoned by the boss at all let alone while using a blue sign.

The intro played and I was like, why am I here? Oh wow the game glitched ha, ha, ha next thing you know I am the boss facing off against two players at once with a huge hp pool at my disposal. After defeating them I received my reward and went on to challenge myself to see how many of these golden hats I could get...I lost count.
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