What's something Demon's Souls did the best?

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User Info: Demolatorz

3 years ago#1
Out of all the mechanics, environments, storytelling, etc, what features did Demon's Souls do the best job of implementing over the other two souls games?

Personally, I haven't actually played it, so I can't quite say.
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User Info: bacterialtaco

3 years ago#2
Best worst backstab animation.
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User Info: Blabadon

3 years ago#3
The atmosphere can crush you
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User Info: Biorr

3 years ago#4
People tend to agree Demon's Souls is dripping with atmosphere. I throw my hat into the ring of best NPC's. Yurt, Urbain, Ostrava, Freke...Yuria.
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User Info: _Caker_

3 years ago#5
Invasions and summoning. Infinite use stones from practically the start. No crappy covenants. Made things much more fun for everyone.
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User Info: G_I_B_B_O_N

3 years ago#6

Demons souls had the best atmosphere

Dark souls 1 had the best environments and enemy designs

Dark souls 2 has the most fluid gameplay by far but it lacks the "personality" that the other two have. The sounds, the "mood" etc

Kinda hard to explain. Demons souls had the least amount of variety in enemy design and environments but for some reason the way it's set up made it way more memorable.

User Info: MrSmi7h

3 years ago#7
My Murakumo duel vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=and0qFN4cpI

User Info: Nashandra

3 years ago#8
Best building design: buildings actually built like real buildings and Boletaria Palace is the best and most detailed example of this when compared to anything found in Dark Souls games

Coolest boss mechanics: pretty much every boss had a unique feature or gimmick unique to them

Best moveset for weapons

Hyper armor > poise

Beat game endings: the endings actually tell you what happens

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User Info: HazelrahFirefly

3 years ago#9
Best atmosphere and level design by far; the places all really felt like locations and environments. At almost no point did I think, "This sure just feels like a pointless corridor." A feeling I got sometimes in DkS, and 99% of the time in DkS2.

I also have to submit a vote for best NPCs and their accompanying voice actors. Hearing Yurt in that cage, or Astraea requesting that you leave, are lines I will never forget.

The amors are also the best designed, albeit with their near futility in PvP.

User Info: DelectableTears

3 years ago#10
Not much beyond atmosphere as has been noted.

This doesn't really count, but the community was better then, which is kinda a given since it was smaller.
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