Why so many is whining how hard this game is ?

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User Info: Denizen_Of_Dark

3 years ago#11
Killzone61 posted...
This game is not hard, you cannot play this game same way you played DKS 1 or DS. In this game you need to have the patience to learn the attacks and patterns of the mobs and bosses you meet, you can't rush through the mobs.

Don'mcome on the forums whining this game is hard and I'm quitting ext. if anyone would complain this game is hard be me, why? I have Early Alzheimer's Disease and playing this game is hard for me but it's not the game it's my disease that causes things to be hard. I'm not whining, crying this game is hard, I can't get past this boss after 23 tries and I'm quitting ext.. Give me a freaking break you whiners, if you can't learn the game then why you buy it.

You knew what to expect before you bought this game if not then I have no idea where you been but this game is awesome and fun and is not hard, it's just different strategy play than DKS 1. Myself playing this game with Alzheimer's Disease and having a blast and game itself is easy to me, at times I have a memory loss of what I do next and I stand there in game and die, now there is when it's hard because I lost memory of what I'm doing BUT you don't see me whining or complaining or quitting, I die, I come back from bonfire and kick some assss

If I can play this game with my disease then I don't see why you whiners out there is crying over this game if you don't have Alzheimer's lol

Quit whining and go back to DKS 1 or DS or go play some Pet my Pony rofl

I have high respects for those who are hitting SL 80-200 already, that is very nice and there not whining how hard this game is and one day I'll get my character that high.

In DKS 1 I'm working on my NG++++ all 4 play throughs as a Sorcerer using spells only, no melee weapons 95% of the game, 2 zones had to use melee weapon. Now in this game I'm going same route but later down road may mix in some melee weapons so I'm not playing exactly way I am in DKS 1 :-}

If you really want to play this game then put DKS 1 and DS out of your head, look at this game as a new and different experience (since it already is lol) and learn what the mobs/bosses do, there patterns, there weaknesses and there strengths. Learn how to parry, roll, jump, dodge, block and strafe your enemies, once you learn all these which takes hardly no time to learn, you will see this game is not hard as I do not see this game as being hard! it's easy once you learn :-}

Thats my man!
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User Info: MegaTurfer

3 years ago#12
The Dark/Demon's Souls games are overrated as heck with the difficulty.
People can say it's a bunch of casuals all they want and sometimes even regulars whine sometimes.
The thing is, people rush and rush and when they die over and over from simple mistakes they cry about it and blame the game for their simple mistakes. I'm rockin level 81 at the moment with a primary build based on strength.
The game is pretty simple. It's not like most games where you rarely die.
Currently my ONLY problem is navigation. I don't know where to go at all.
And so far I've killed
Ornstein 2.0
The Rotten
The Lost Sinner
The Last Giant

I dunno, a few others, I'm on the laptop at the moment away from the game so I can't tell you exactly.
Straight outta Lordran

User Info: cobaltlotus

3 years ago#13
Scaccia101 posted...
Difficulty Scale 1 through 10

Dark Souls = 8.5

Dark Souls 2 = 8.0

Demon Souls = 11

Demon's Souls wasn't harder.. lol

User Info: BurnsDepartment

3 years ago#14
JJrooot posted...
pfft... if anyone says this game is hard.. they have never played Demon's Souls.

You sure? I breezed through that, having played it after Dark Souls. I'm sure it's hard if it's the first one you play, but it wasn't different enough to challenge me overmuch. (No bow cheese, sorcery, etc was used.)

This, on the other hand, is nearly as difficult as DkS1 was for me when I first played it. Doing my usual blockless base health challenge run, the rolling changes have really taken some adjusting, and every boss seems to one-shot me if I don't use a Human Effigy.

Not that I'm complaining; I think the difficulty's perfect.
Previously corrected a lot, now in-sig; I'm not a he.
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  3. Why so many is whining how hard this game is ?

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