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User Info: csanchezcuba

3 years ago#1
OK so i looked and there isnt a Blue Sentinels dedicated disscussion, please mods if there is one i did not see it do not ban me.
OK so down to it First i would like to ask if anyone of you knows if the blue orbs invasions count towards the completion of the covenant(if you defeat the sinner invaded). This covenant seems really hard to fulfill as getting tokens of fidelity and then going in the arena is a lifetime investment, motst people in the arena in xbox are terrible and i have won 99% of the duels but its not that its doing coop and getting tokens to then try your luck in the arena, that is really time consuming, so i thought that the best alternative would be to farm blue orbs and invade the worlds of the sinners, this duels are easy to win specially when you get your enemy off guard most of the time, while they are no wearing pvp gear and can use the enemies in the map to your advatage, however iam amost certain that this inasions are not counting towards the covenant.
Can anyone please clarify? and please if you might add your aproach to this covenant (if you are ever going to try it, or if you already are, please do not waste server space comenting how much it sucks and saying that you will never be part of it, etc. Comment only if you are taking part of this covenant)
Thank you all for reading and please i look forward to your thoughts.

User Info: ChaosTonyV4

3 years ago#2
Oh man, please put spaces in between your paragraphs; It's really hard to read as is.

The Blue Sentinels will probably get patched. To get level 3 you need 250 wins, which is a insane time investment.
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User Info: RainbowLuster

3 years ago#3
I have been also hoping for a Blue Sentinels Discussion, but alas. Blue Eye orb invasions do count for your overall ranking in the covenant, but 50 invasions or arena victories are needed and the game shows no way of telling you how many you have done. I am in the same boat as you as of right now
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User Info: csanchezcuba

3 years ago#4
Blue sentinels should have an unlimited Blue Orb that allows the user to invade the world of the siners
and also make the invasions that resume in victory count towards the covenant.
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