Why I Am NOT Enjoying Dark Souls 2

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User Info: BigBOO2U

3 years ago#1
Demons Souls was incredible. So was the followup, Dark Souls. Both were challenging, and difficult, but fun and addictive.

I am not having fun with Dark Souls 2.

A major part of this is that some of the Bosses are just impossible. Sure, Sif was tough. And S and O were the pentacle of the last game. But this go around just feels cheap, kinda like rubber-band AI in a kart racing game. The last straw for me was the 50th failed try with the Ruin Sentinels, either solo, with the NPC summon, or with real people helping. Going from SL 30 to SL 70 didn't change anything either; I just cannot survive this boss encounter.

If I'm with two other players, the first Boss always gets a bead on me right out of the mist gate and takes off half my HP. I then have to struggle to replenish that before being hit a second time, and usually fail. If everything is going well, eventually the first boss will get in a lucky swipe and knock everyone off the ledge. And once on the ground the other two bosses always make a beeline for me. Upping my HP didn't help. Or armor. Or magic. Or amassing a collection of magic bombs. Or reading Wikis and watching Youtube videos. I've actually gotten closer to beating the trio on my own than with any help strangely. I then came to the conclusion that it wasn't me, it was the game. This is just a ridiculous spike in difficulty.

After nearly throwing the controller across the room in a fit of rage I haven't felt since my Super Nintendo days, I calmly ejected the disk from the Xbox last night, and this morning rather gladly sold it to Gamestop for $25. I'm sure many on this board will have the typical Hurr-Durr comments common to the under 18 crowd maturity, but what I was truly curious of was if anyone else who is a veteran of the other two games was let down by this new version.

The real magic just seems to be missing.

Duck Dynasty - The epicenter of ignorance and hate in America. And bad grooming habits.
Duck Dynasty - The epicenter of ignorance and hate in America. And bad grooming habits.

User Info: Xxcrappynamexx

3 years ago#2
You should be blocking as soon as you drop through the fog gate... No damage taken that way. The fight was difficult when I first encountered it, but it didn't take too terribly long to be able to dominate it. All there is to it is knowing when to dodge, when to block, and when to strike. Take the first one out on the ledge and when the other two spawn, keep them both next to each other and in your LoS.

User Info: Dark_Jinouga

3 years ago#3
Git gud ;)

They can be blocked with for example the drangleic shield with low stamina usage, and ey telegraph pretty hard

Bosses are REALLY different from from previous titles, I had a lot to troubles and still have them with new characters :/

User Info: Ephemeral1

3 years ago#4
I'm not sure what the "pentacle" of this game is.

Honestly, I never understand posts like this. "I beat the first two games no problem, but I can't get past one of the easiest and most predictable bosses in this one." This isn't me telling you to git gud, or bragging about how easy the boss is. I simply cannot wrap my head around how veterans of the first two games are having such a hard time on comparably easier fights. You wouldn't happen to have joined the Covenant of Champions by any chance, would you?

User Info: Darkpkpsoul

3 years ago#5
LOL you sold it because you couldnt beat a boss? You clearly werent a real Dark Souler if you couldnt finish that boss on only NG. That boss is one of the easier ones.

Glad to see that DS2 has kept the pressure up high enough to weed out the bad players. Bravo !
GT: Snipes Unreal --- Need help on a boss? Just message me. 180 pve build. **** the Bellbros.

User Info: Purple_Cheetah

3 years ago#6
Immediately stand on the edge of the platform, hammer swings and misses, proceed to work on the first one while avoiding the hammer. Second jumps up where you should have been standing to avoid the hammer, so stand just behind the one column on the wall opposite side. Put some hits on it, then try to keep em seperate, you'll eventually have to go down and face their gyro, leaping, shield flinging spam.

You'll get em eventually. I like to call em a meat grinder, because they'll seriously weed out players out and because of their gyro overlapping.

Just wait till later in the game when you do something and manage to get 5 of them in the same room together, along with other enemies. lawd.

Edit: Missed the sold it already bit. Well, points stands with the "meat grinder" portion.

User Info: dark1ord93

3 years ago#7
its the other way around for me I suck at playing ds1 im not even out of the undead burg but this one im pretty good at and im a melee build and I just started using magic so I can put magic on my broadsword I just don't think you should have given up so soon

User Info: igashijin

3 years ago#8
Unfortunately, I can't relate.

I like this one a lot more than both Demon's Souls and the original Dark Souls.
(On a side note, Sif? Seriously? I don't think I've *ever* even been hit by Sif. It's amazing to me how different everyone's experience is with Souls. I'm sure you had an easy time with one or two bosses that murdered me forever. But Sif? I've never even considered that Sif was anything but a bad joke. He was just way easy for me).

I'm sorry you had such a lame time about it. My findings have been pretty much that this game suffers from the same thing its progenitor does: it's rage inducing at times, and getting angry while playing this game gets you killed even faster.

That being said, the things you describe are not things I've experienced.
The last Giant always charged me when I entered, but I always sprinted right at him and jumped/rolled through his legs and never took a shot.

Yeah, again. I'm sad to hear you gave up on it.
It's huge, and it's a lot better than Dark Souls 1 if you hang in there.

That said, I understand your rage; it took me four months just to get past Capra in Dark Souls 1; I had SO much trouble even pretending to enjoy that game until well after I had sunk like 20 or 30 hours into it.
Even then, I missed Demon's Souls until well after Anor Londo.
To dis examartein ouk andros sopho.

User Info: Coontemptus

3 years ago#9
You're just bad. Not sure what to tell you. Dark Souls 2 is much harder than DeS or DS1.

igashijin: My 9 year old son (8 at the time) beat capra demon his first try.
Sic semper tyrannis

User Info: Baalbusterxbox

3 years ago#10
That sucks, but I gotta say, try altering your set up, you may be too heavy, they destroyed me for a bit, but now they're not so bad, and I definitely don't view them as cheap, just punishing...

It's like OandS they're insanely difficult when your new, and then they become insanely easy to beat afterwards...

I'd keep trying, try to lighten your load, 25% equip load is not the same as 69%... Also, try upgrading your weapons, using a shield with 100% phys... But if you're leveling up and making no progress, you're approaching the fight wrong... Either take a step back and go somewhere else or approach the fight differently.

Kill the 1 before engaging the three... Don't be greedy with hits, manage your stamina... Bait attacks...
War pick + leo
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