OK, I admit it, Dark Souls was better

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User Info: drusgar

3 years ago#1
Oh yeah, I know I spent a lot of time accusing all of you of being fanboys for claiming that Dark Souls was better than Dark Souls 2, but I think I've either refigerred my figerrin' or I've simply become a fanboy myself because after spending the last two weeks as a sunbro summon in Dark Souls it seems clear to me that it is simply the better game.

Now the folks who claim the graphics were better or the bosses were harder are still pathetic fanboys, because neither is even remotely true by any measure, but the mechanics of Dark Souls, specifically the summoning mechanics were far superior. Soul memory is great for preventing griefing, but it's terrible for people who want to co-op, specifically if you want to co-op with a friend. And the level design that essentially connected much of Lordran through unlockable gates and such was far more creative and really had a way of connecting your journey from a psychological perspective.

And in a strange sort of "harder is better" way, forcing players to beat a difficult boss before they can warp makes the journey a bit more epic. Dark Souls 2 was really fun, but it was disjointed. The bosses forced you to master the same mechanics as Dark Souls, but they seemed somehow random, unconnected and much of the difficulty reaching them was simply a matter of quantity over quality. The ability to simply teleport around relieved the sense of being stuck, as if a boss was truly an important impediment that you needed to conquer with retreat never being an option.

The numerous embers and essentially "stages" of weapon upgrades also provided an incentive that wasn't necessarily "removed" so much as "dumbed down". In Dark Souls, getting the large ember is a major moment, as is getting the very large ember. You need the divine ember to efficiently pass through the catacombs. Mages need the enchanted ember to make their melee weapons viable as the game progresses.

Essentially, Dark Souls does a far better job of building the journey rather than just letting it progress with time. You always seem to have a specific goal in mind, whether that's an ember you're trying to reach or an item that will help you improve your character. Dark Souls 2 suffers from a type of generic progression, the important battles are anti-climactic and the overall journey seems somewhat purposeless.

Dark Souls 2 LOOKS better, and it PLAYS better too, because FROM was able to build on what worked and remove what didn't.

But it doesn't FEEL better.

User Info: IRON-SWAN

3 years ago#2
ill say this , dark souls was a better experience , dark souls 2 is a better game.

just my opinion
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User Info: WheelHoss1

3 years ago#3
Agree for the most part and well written too

Still love both games
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User Info: Denizen_Of_Dark

3 years ago#4
Its tha design philosophy.

dks2 is about tha player, while dks1 is about tha experience/world.
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User Info: nofxnofx

3 years ago#5
I'm just glad I have all three souls games. Each has their own quirks but each one is well worth spending time on.

User Info: YiddosRule

3 years ago#6
IRON-SWAN posted...
dark souls was a better experience, dark souls 2 is a better game.

User Info: kennyh09

3 years ago#7
Last week I would have agreed that 1 is better but after finishing a sl1 run it reminded me why I fell in love with dark souls. I think this 1 is a lot easier but that is the only thing that I would fault
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User Info: kentuckybob

3 years ago#8
No levelling at bonfires was the sole reason DS2 failed for me.
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User Info: illbzo1

3 years ago#9
IRON-SWAN posted...
ill say this , dark souls was a better experience , dark souls 2 is a better game.

This is also my opinion. There's a feeling of hopelessness in DKS that's completely lost in DKS2. For example, there's nothing in DKS2 that comes close to the relief I felt when lighting the bonfire above Andre's workshop.

I was playing for a bit last week, got fed up with Capra Demon and quit. For those who say DKS2 has artificial difficulty, they must have forgotten about this fight. Capra himself isn't a problem - it's the dogs in the room with him that get in your way so he can stunlock you to death that are the problem.

Shields also feel a lot less necessary in DKS2 than DKS. And the level design is better. But the UI, combat mechanics, and controls are all far clunkier and harder to use.
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User Info: St0kess

3 years ago#10
I prefer Dark Souls, maybe it's because it's the first Souls game I played, I dunno. In my opinion, I think the first DaS has the better world, design and bosses.
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