why can't i powerstance helix&mastadon halberds?

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  3. why can't i powerstance helix&mastadon halberds?

User Info: ProtoBladeX

2 years ago#1
i've seen lots of other people use the helix halberd & mastadon halberd powerstance combo, but it won't let me activate powerstance with those weapons, regardless of which is left or right... i had 50str/50dex and i thought powerstance requirements were 1.5x each, so it should have been working... but it wasn't so i added 2str just to make it 2x each and still it's not working... just uses the left-handed wep 2h instead of powerstance when i try. why's it doing this? was this powerstance combo removed from the game or something???

User Info: Tales_of_Scott

2 years ago#2
They patched out the ability to PS the helix with anything but itself I believe a few patches ago and also slowed down its PS poke animation.
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User Info: ProtoBladeX

2 years ago#3
damn. well anyways... not quite... i've been using helix halberd & grand lance instead and they work pretty well together. now i'm looking for a syan's halberd to see what combos i can get with that

User Info: qoojay

2 years ago#4
yep..PS poke was nerfed so bad. it's not worth anymore.

User Info: ApexMjolnir

2 years ago#5
You can still powerstance Rapiers with Helix, and Daggers, though I have no idea why you would want to aside from the Parry... in which case you would be better off with 2 rapiers for speed.

User Info: CronosXIII

2 years ago#6
It was a s*** scrub tactic anyway. Don't go down that road.
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  3. why can't i powerstance helix&mastadon halberds?

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