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User Info: politan1991

5 years ago#1
Please post any tips/tricks/codes/easter eggs you can find:

Play as Helmetless Mega Man:
"Play as Mega Man without his trademark helmet, just like in the intro of Mega Man 2, or if you bought the Book of Hairstyles from Mega Man 9 or 10."

On the stage select, highlight Ryu then press and hold your assigned "shoot/fire" button and quickly press right, right, right, left. You should hear a sound and Mega Man's portrait should change.

It doesn't do anything, it just changes your looks, and you DON'T take double damage.
*If you want to change back to regular helmeted Mega Man enter the code again.*

Change the background music to Guile's theme:
"Change the game's background music to Guile's theme from Street Fighter II in 8-bit form."

Press your assigned "start" button to bring up the weapon's menu then press and hold your assigned "jump" button and quickly press up, down, down, down. The background music should change if you did the code right.

It overwrites the entire game's music to Guile's theme. It should be fine though since it goes with everything. The victory theme will still play if you defeat a boss; I'm not sure if it overwrites the ending theme as well.
*If for some reason you want to listen to the default music, enter the code again.*

Fight Secret Boss #1:
"Fight Secret Boss #1 Akuma from Super Street Fighter II Turbo"

Get a "Perfect" victory from at least 3 bosses to fight the secret boss at the end. All you have to do is beat 3 different bosses with full health. The screen will say "Perfect" if you defeat a boss at full health. Using an E-Tank just before the final blow works as well. The game just needs to recognize that you have full health upon victory. You know, you met the conditions once you brought the final boss's health to around 20%-10% and the words "Here comes a new challenger" appear on the screen.

I'm not sure if a perfect victory against Vega will count, but you should meet the conditions while still fighting the 8 bosses if you want to the fight the secret boss.
*Jump to Not Die!* *Don't Use Any E-Tanks!!!*

From the top of my head, I counted that there's only 5 E-Tanks in the entire game. Prove me wrong people.
Oh, and they don't respawn, so you can't just keep killing yourself and going back to the same stage over and over, it doesn't work on this game. So, save them!!

Ryu Stage
Chun-Li Stage
Dhalsim Stage
C. Viper Stage
Final Stage 3 (boss rush stage) Use the Tropical Hazard weapon to reach high places.

Ever played Mega Man 8? Think of the watermelon as the Mega Ball.
Step one: fire watermelon weapon
Step two: jump on top of said watermelon weapon
PROFIT!!! = E-Tank

Oh... and to use E-Tanks go to the weapon's menu, highlight the E-Tank; make sure that it's colored blue and press your "jump" button. It recovers all of Mega Man's health.
*Save them for perfecting purposes or really pain in the ass bosses.*

Tips for Final Stage 3 (boss rush stage)
On the teleportation pods, you may noticed the swirling black and white orbs in the middle of the screen. Shoot them for a surprise.

User Info: ViewtifulGene

5 years ago#2
For the secret boss, does it matter whether the perfects are obtained in the normal stages or the boss rush?
"Once again, ViewtifulGene's logic blows minds and crushes dreams." -TheGamingGolfer
"Supez teh king" -dedekong

User Info: politan1991

5 years ago#3
Only in normal stages :/

User Info: IcyWind14

5 years ago#4
I've beaten the game with three perfects in the stages and no continues, but no secret boss fight. Either there's more to it then that or the game's just buggy about whether or not it happens.
Not changing this sig until Capcom starts giving a damn about Mega Man again.

User Info: Whale313

5 years ago#5
I somehow ended up with 7 e-tanks :/
so there is more then 5.
6. At the end of balrog's level, as soon as you jump over the part where he falls in, slide QUICKLY to the right. if you are fast enough, there is an E tank waiting as a reward.
7. IN RYU'S STAGE (this has only showed up for me once, when i had already collected his e-tank but had failed the level) Towards the end, there is a high wall. if you use blankas Tropical Hazard to leap up, hugging the right wall, u should get it **is always there but is usually invisible unless you have obtained the first E-tank, and failed** (ps this one could be a glitch)
and oh boy, yeah DON'T use an E-tank against akuma. had him down to quarter health but had 1 hit til i died, used an e, AKUMA RECOVERED ALSO >.<

User Info: politan1991

5 years ago#6
Hmm... you know I got 4 perfects from the stages. But everyone around here is going with "at least 3 perfects" and I heard that there's a secret boss #2. I haven't confirmed it yet.

Lots of people's copy of the game seems buggy, I'm just lucky mine isn't like that. Maybe the game needs to be downloaded from the actual Capcom Unity website? and not a mirror?

User Info: Whale313

5 years ago#7
Oh, and to fight akuma, im sure you need more then 3 perfects. i managed to get him with 6 normal boss-master perfects, and also vega perfect. Good luck!

User Info: Whale313

5 years ago#8
OH *UNCONFIRMED* obtain ALL perfects against ALL bosses *boss gauntlet, vega, BALROG, and bison* WITHOUT losing a life to fight sagat before bison =)
as i said unconfirmed, trying for a perfect run now

User Info: politan1991

5 years ago#9

I also heard that people have been reporting that E-Tanks are appearing out of nowhere. But yours sound very legit. I might test it out.

I need to test out two more codes. the hadoken code and the genei-jin code. and of course that secret boss fight #2

User Info: Whale313

5 years ago#10
Balrog's E-tank is a definite non-glitch E. its appeared for me twice now ^^
as for ryu's...i did it just now, no E-tank. it may have been a glitch. will post a scrnsht when i cbf, to show the wall.
To summarise- AT LEAST 6 E-Tanks CONFIRMED
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