How would you do a sequal to SFxMM?

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User Info: Dark_SilverX

4 years ago#21
Magegg posted...
That would be just too much Mega Man, you could be asking for a new actual Mega Man entry instead.

I know. That would be my dream game right there. Especially with SF characters to boot.
Carmine is a beast. No matter how many times he dies.

User Info: GreatTroySensei

4 years ago#22
prinnyXdood posted...
wow Ingrid haters even here?

anything else new?

Ingrid is effing awful. How are you surprised?
These are like, third dimension glasses, you know? They don't really work, though because I feel like I'm still seeing stuff in whatever dimension we live in.

User Info: Darkyellow327

4 years ago#23
Every boss fight is Dudley and each Dudley's weapon is a different color car that you can drive with every weapon giving you a color scheme he used in Street Fighter III.
Not changing my sig until Soulja Boy challenges me to a rap battle
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  3. How would you do a sequal to SFxMM?

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