Mega Man x Darkstalkers next?

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User Info: Magegg

4 years ago#1
Would you like it?

User Info: Kukaku

4 years ago#2
No, I rather have just a megaman with new robot masters.

User Info: zhaoyun99

4 years ago#3
No, I want a high quality Megaman in 2D sprite style.
"Another has fallen to my spear!!!" Zhao Yun

User Info: y000012500

4 years ago#4
Megaman X Capcom

User Info: KamisamanoOtaku

4 years ago#5
Yes, I would very much enjoy that.

For those wanting something else, remember that these things don't have to be exclusive from one another. Given Capcom's tendency to milk franchises, nothing says they can't start releasing ________ X Mega Man titles semi-regularly alongside other Mega Man titles.

Personally, I think these little 8-bit games would make excellent pre-order bonuses, or even simply be released as freebies to whet player's appetites.
I like pie.

User Info: RedXIII400

4 years ago#6
Mega Man Legends 3. That is all.
I wanna Climhazzard Vegh's Stock Break until his Thunder Slash gets Shocked, if you know what I mean ~Jukain

User Info: Dark_SilverX

4 years ago#7
Mega Man X9 with X7 graphics and gameplay
Carmine is a beast. No matter how many times he dies.

User Info: Damien 5000

Damien 5000
4 years ago#8
Dark_SilverX posted...
Mega Man X9 with X7 graphics and gameplay

Everything feels better fresh out of the dryer. Even death would be nicer if it was dryer fresh.

User Info: prinnyXdood

4 years ago#9
Dark_SilverX posted...
Mega Man X9 with X8 graphics and gameplay

.\ __________ / /\ \ ___________ /.

User Info: xerostarr83

4 years ago#10
It'd be fun but I'd much rather just have a new Megaman game as well as a new Darkstalkers game XD

What about one that bridges the X series with the classic series? It could be Megaman X X Megaman...looks too much like a bad porn title O.O so we reverse it...Megaman X Megaman X...too repetitive so its Megaman X²....ugh we already have that game title! Naming might be a problem for that idea :P
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  3. Mega Man x Darkstalkers next?

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