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User Info: Tsuna-Decimo

4 years ago#1
Here is the list of Achievements for this game in the Game Center. I'll try to provide the requirements and criteria for unlocking all achievements.
NOTE: I am still missing 1 achievement for Paladin Cecil at Level 90/99 (No. 42)

Story Achievements (You will get them automatically throughout the story)
1. Customer Appreciation - Start new game
2. Mission Accomplished? - Travel to Mist for the first time
3. Assault! - Travel to Damcyan Castle for the first time
4. Bravery - Defeat Sahagin with Edward in Kaipo
5. Big Bang - Defeat Mother Bomb at Mt. Hobs
6. Alone Again - Shipwrecked by Leviathan after taking the ship at Fabul
7. Defeated Scarmiglione - Defeat him the 2nd time at Mt. Ordeals
8. Defeated Cagnazzo - Defeat him in Baron Castle Throne Room
9. Saved by Music - Defeat the Dark Elf after visiting Edward at Troia Castle
10. Delta Attack Defiance - Defeat Magus Sisters at Tower of Zot
11. Defeated Barbariccia - Defeat her at Tower of Zot
12. Defeated Calcabrina - Defeat her at Dwarven Castle Crystal Chamber
13. Defeated Dr. Lugae - Defeat him in Tower of Babil (lower half)
14. Defeated Rubricante - Defeat him in Tower of Babil (upper half)
15. Defeated Demon Wall - Defeat it in Sealed Cavern
16. Promised Ship of Light - Unlock Lunar Whale in Mysidia and travel to the Moon
17. Defeated Elemental Archfiends - Defeat them in Giant of Babil
18. Defeated CPU - Defeat it in Giant of Babil
19. To Mother Earth - Defeat Zemus/Clear the game

Misc Achievements
20. Bitter Battle - Finish game in hard mode
21. Earth's Savior Times Two - Clear game twice/Start New Game + for the 2nd time
22. Form Reborn - Obtain Excalibur
23. Unsealed - Obtain Ragnarok, Holy Lance, Murasame, Masamune and Ribbon
24. To The End of Misery - Trade Pink Tail for Adamant Armor
25. The Onion Swordman - Get at least 1 of Onion Helm, Armor, Gloves, Sword and Shield
26. Augment Novice - Obtain 1 augment
27. Augment Practitioner - Obtain 20 augments
28. Augment Master - Obtain all augments
29. Apprentice Summoner - Obtain 1 summon
30. Expert Summoner - Obtain all 4 secret summons
31. Master Summoner - Obtain all summons less secret summons
32. The Perpetual Wayfarer - 100% all dungeon maps
33. Rabbit Chaser - Complete all Namingway events
34. A Bloodstained Road - Dark Cecil reaches Level 15
35. Heaps of Corpses - Dark Cecil reaches Level 20
36. Deep into Darkness - Dark Cecil reaches Level 25
37. Moves toward the Light - Paladin Cecil reaches Level 10
38. Walks with the Light - Paladin Cecil reaches Level 20
39. The Gatherer of Light - Paladin Cecil reaches Level 30
40. The Illuminator - Paladin Cecil reaches Level 50
41. Paladin of Light Incarnate - Paladin Cecil reaches Level 70
42. ??? - Paladin Cecil reaches Level ???
43. Pockets Full - Earned 10,000 Gil
44. Fat Purse - Earned 50,000 Gil
45. Bursting Treasure Chest - Earned 200,000 Gil
46. Time for a Vault - Earned 500,000 Gil
47. Bronze Hunter - Defeated 100 enemies
48. Silver Hunter - Defeated 500 enemies
49. Gold Hunter - Defeated 1,000 enemies
50. Platinum Hunter - Defeated 2,000 enemies
51. Seeker - Complete 10% of Bestiary
52. Catching On - Complete 30% of Bestiary
53. Aficionado - Complete 60% of Bestiary
54. Know-It-All - Complete 100% of Bestiary
55. Defeated Geryon - Defeat it at Mt Ordeals (New Game + only)
56. Defeated Proto-Babil - Defeat it at the Moon (New Game + only)
57. Developers' Pal - Talk to everyone in Developers' Room in Dwarven Castle
58. FINAL FANTASY IV Master - Unlock all achievements
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User Info: Tsuna-Decimo

4 years ago#2
Tips for unlocking some achievements:

12. Defeated Calcabrina - To spawn it, first you have to defeat all the dolls of one type, either Calca or Brina. Make sure more than 1 of the other type survives. Afterwards, the other dolls will combine into Calcabrina.

If you are aiming for 100% Bestiary, this is what you have to do:
- Kill 1 Brina
- Kill all 3 Calca
- Wait for the other 2 Brina to merge
- Defeat Calcabrina
You can choose to defeat 3 Brina instead, but Calca has lesser health and on front row.

24. To The End of Misery - Pink Tail can only be dropped by Flan Princess, which is a pain because the drop rate is *#@(&$(*@$()* low. You might want to finish up all the dungeon maps and get Treasure Hunter augment first before hunting for Pink Tail.

25. The Onion Swordman - Same as 24, but the other tails are dropped by other monsters.

30. Expert Summoner - Same as 24.

32. The Perpetual Wayfarer - Try to clear every map whenever you go through a dungeon. If not, you may want to complete all Namingway events, which nets you Fast Travel augment, so that you can revisit the previous dungeons without random encounters.

36. Deep into Darkness - Try to reach Dark Cecil to Level 25 before turning him into a Paladin.

46. Time for a Vault - For every Gil achievements, you need to have the specific number of Gils to get the achievement. That means for this achievement, you need to have 500,000 Gil with you, not cumulated 500,000. Hence you might want to save up and only buy necessaries until you hit 500,000 Gil before buying tons of items.
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