Edward is more powerful than previous versions?

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  3. Edward is more powerful than previous versions?

User Info: Rapscallion84

4 years ago#1
His bardsongs are free to cast and the status effect chance seems to be greatly increases. Also, I don't think I ever understood what salve did when I played the original, but the ability to use a single item on the whole party seems awesome.

User Info: Jak7733

4 years ago#2
Edward is at his strongest in the DS/iOS/(soon to be released)Android version and the unreleased in any form outside Japan mobile version (and that one is better because they used the party swapping system instead of augments). To give you an idea of the significance of that statement, I'd say he's pretty darn strong in TAY, but not quite as much as he is here and in the SNES & PS1 versions he is pitifully weak while a bit stronger in the GBA and PSP versions.

Order of strength I'd say is:
Mobile>DS/iOS/Android>TAY>>>>>>PSP/GBA>>PS1/Japanese SNES>>>US SNES/Japanese EasyType
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  3. Edward is more powerful than previous versions?

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