Goblin and other drop summons

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User Info: anxestor

4 years ago#1
Are the drop summons are in this game as well ?

User Info: JJCTroy

4 years ago#2
Yes and just as much of a pain in the ass to get, if not more.

User Info: NasirJones

4 years ago#3
Goblin, Cockatrice, Mindflayer, and Bomb.

Best place to get Goblin is using a Siren inside the very first cave (Mist Cave).

Best place to get Cockatrice is questionably Mysidia. You can't siren them without getting other enemies sometimes, but Mysidia has the most common battles.

Mindlfayer is quite easy, between B3 and B4 of Lodestone cavern, using sirens. Should be your easiest if you're farming them.

Best place to get Bomb is in the Lunar East Tunnel, which seems to have the most common battles. You can't get them to siren anywhere, and the bombs in and around Fabul DO NOT count, they don't drop "Bomb."
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