Need help about Farming Siren in FFIV iOS version

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User Info: aerokido

4 years ago#1
Hi there i'm new in this forum

well, this is my 1st time playing Final Fantasy's an awesome game in iPad 3
too bad they remove the CG cutscenes

Since, there isn't any official walkthrough for iOS version, i'd following DS version FAQs, it's quite OK except 1 thing, i could not farming SIREN since Tower of Babil

1. I missed farming Siren from Security eye inside treasure chest in Tower of Babil, then I came back there before Sealed Cave, BUT after spending a lot of wasted hours, i could not find ANY Security Eyes at B7-B11 at all....i gave up there, then i continue my journey

2. I'd read that i can farm Sirens from Searcher at Giant of Babil, My new hope
Right now, i'm at Giant of Babil (Chest area), i'd encounter Searchers but after spending hours-days (once again), i can only steal 1x Siren from single Searcher for each battle. (no multiple steal at all)

Well, anybody experience like mine?
My current level for Edge is 83 which is supposedly sufficient enough for better steal rate against Searcher.

After reading DS FAQS, i'll need around 300-500 sirens to farm Tails, now it seems quite impossible if i can't farm lots of siren

Anybody had an idea how to farm Siren in iOS version?
It's painful to accept, they removed the unlimited steal from Searcher and remove random encounter of security eye from tower of babil

Well, i know i had an option of buying Sirens from Hummingbode, but it cost lotsa Gil, currently i had only around 600,000+ Gils

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks for reading

User Info: TheHighborne

4 years ago#2
Just buy the sirens from humming way on the moon.

All you need are 50 sirens and 99 stardust.

First farm pink tails. You want 5. Use 10 sirens. Save if you get rainbow pudding or a pink tail. If nothing after 10 sirens. Reset and try again.

I used only about 15 sirens total to get 5 pink tails.

Then go for two red tails from red dragons. Same strategy with tails.

Then farm 2 blue tails in summon cave for shields.

I used maybe 45 sirens total doing this for 5 pink, 2 red and blue.

After that farm 1 black, green and yellow tails for achieve.

No reason to steal any sirens.

User Info: aerokido

4 years ago#3
GREAT Tips "The HighBorne"

Really really grateful for your kindness to reply my issue

I was quite afraid to move on from Giant of babil because of this "Siren" things, because i'd read that this place is 1 time dungeon...

Really thanks the difficulties/probabilities in iOS version is easier than DS, i guess

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