Finding augments and who to give them to?

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  3. Finding augments and who to give them to?

User Info: xnmzx

4 years ago#1
I have the list of augments and how to get im a bit confused on how augments work and from what i understand theyre pretty much dealing with stat maxing in several playthroughs.

Well i dont really care for replaying the game but i want a solid first playthrough. With that said, is it really gona matter if i go ahead and just distribute augments to whom ever i want or should i still give them to certain characters?

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User Info: neoallbritt

4 years ago#2
if you are only going to play the game once, then imo these augments are necessary for these characters:

Rosa should get Omnicast Dualcast and Piercing Magic
Rydia should get Fast Talker
Cecil should get Counter Draw Attacks and Kick

the last augment that should be used frequently is Cry which can go on anyone.
most of the augment guides are geared for the DS version, and the authors personal preference. after playing the game multiple times now, i feel the distribution from most of these guides are not useful for IOS, at least for me.

User Info: Benjamin_Button

4 years ago#3
^ great recommendations! I'd do the same.

And i agree, you cant really follow a DS version augment guide. As you mentioned, if you're only going to play the game once then augments arent really a deal can f*** them up and still beat the game with ease.
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  3. Finding augments and who to give them to?

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