Rate the Character Day 17 Yamada Taro

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User Info: Baby_ragna

3 years ago#1
Today character is... The Mysterious One... Yamada Tarooo!!!

No nickname... No biography... No wiki... And I never read the manga nor watching the anime, so I'm gonna rate him only based on his appearence...

I rate him... 1/10!!!

Previous result :
Day 1. Son Goku : 8.2
Day 2. Vegeta : 8.4
Day 3. Frieza : 8.3
Day 4. Monkey D. Luffy : 8,0
Day 5. Boa Hancock : 6.3
Day 6. Akainu : 7.0
Day 7. Toriko : 8.8
Day 8. Urameshi Yusuke : 9.4
Day 9. Zebra : 9.2
Day 10. Toguro : 8.9
Day 11. Uzumaki Naruto : 5.3
Day 12. Uchiha Sasuke : 5.3
Day 13. Uchiha Madara : 6.7
Day 14. Kurosaki Ichigo : 6.5
Day 15. Kuchiki Rukia : 6.0
Day 16. Aizen Sosuke : 6.1
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User Info: laskal

3 years ago#2
10/10 would Taro again
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User Info: Bestia_Somnia

3 years ago#3

A dumb character from an ugly Manga. He still remains as the worst addition to the roster. Not really much else worth saying about such a worthless character.
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User Info: OneInchPoke

3 years ago#4
I understand that most crossover games add an obscure choice. But why him? He has to be the worst character we've seen so far.
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User Info: RagingKoalaBear

3 years ago#5
It makes me sad that instead of praying for Hiei or Kurama to be in the game... this guy took up one of those possibilities... and that's a damn shame.

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User Info: Novuh_Prime

3 years ago#6
0/10 Top 3 worst characters to make it into the game.

User Info: Shinichameleon

3 years ago#7

No comment.

User Info: Kami_no_Kami

3 years ago#8
laskal posted...
10/10 would Taro again


There's a third one, too, but it's possibly offensive. Not that I give a s*** about karma, but this post getting modded would deprive you all of these wonderful OPs.

User Info: Roronoa_Zoro117

3 years ago#9


User Info: IAmMC2

3 years ago#10
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