Idk if it's just me but does anyone else..

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User Info: evilvergil

3 years ago#1
Like certain characters but dislike the series they come from. In my case i like Toriko, Killua, Seiya, Ichigo, and Naruto but i don't like any of their respective series.
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User Info: pokedude900

3 years ago#2
Nope. But that's because I don't dislike any of the series that I've watched/read so far.
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User Info: Snake_Vouivre

3 years ago#3
Can't say I'm really fond of anime or manga anymore. Haven't read or watched any of the stuff in years, I feel it's all declined in quality. I still find myself playing some anime games though. Actually didn't know anything about Saint Seiya and still bought Brave Soldiers full price. A pretty crappy game, nice visuals though...

User Info: GodlessChaos

3 years ago#4
You don't like Hunter x Hunter?

I'm a Killua lover. if I could change my name to Killua I would.

User Info: ValzacardX

3 years ago#5
Didn't feel that way till I started Samurai X. I HATE the side characters with a passion and ruin a good chunk of the show for me.
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User Info: Sandovillain

3 years ago#6
Yeah, I feel the same about Toriko. I'm sure the series gets better but I just cannot get through the early stuff. I don't care much for the art style either, it seems like a blend of newer style and old-school manga and it just doesn't mesh well for me. Naruto used to be my absolute favorite, but ever since the war arc started its been plagued by some of the worst writing and editing decisions I've ever seen in a manga.

User Info: PuckHockey

3 years ago#7
I'm not far into Hunter x Hunter, but I'm literally only watching it for Hisoka.

User Info: Lexmark1989

3 years ago#8
Well plenty of people played the naruto games on gamecube and wii and don't like naruto.
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User Info: Bleach313

3 years ago#9

I just don't get the story, and I can't say I enjoy the world made out of food aspect. I do like Toriko. I like the concept of his moves, and he has a decent design I just don't like the story of it. I mostly just watch the fights. I tried watching it, but I just couldn't get into it. I got up to the 20's in episodes before I stopped.

Kumagawa (Medaka Box)

He looks like an awesome character, but I don't think I could bear watching Medaka Box to see him. Wish I could see him fight, but I don't want to see Medaka.
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User Info: SSBR10

3 years ago#10
From what I've seen in both gameplay and the wiki site, Tsuna looks cool and I'm looking forward to seeing some more of his gameplay but please, can someone when does the Hitman Reborn series finally take off?
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