Game updated 1/5/13 - Lots of fixes

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  3. Game updated 1/5/13 - Lots of fixes

User Info: mistersummers

5 years ago#1
The biggest fix with patch 1.1 was the control set up. You can now put the buttons anywhere on the screen and control the camera from anywhere on the screen. That was my biggest gripe. Now I can control the camera on the bottom of the iPad or the top right instead of the middle. The following list contains all of the changes with the new update (including some new weapons and armor):

Two new high level swords
Two new high level armors
Customizable action button placement
Invert Y axis option
Double tap to run option
Swipe sensitivity increase
More area for swipe to look
Added loot/dialog button
Shadow fixes for iPad 3 (or iPod 4 - not really sure as they said iPad 4 and there is no such thing yet)
Add map for Ice Cave
Lots of fixes and tweaks to Ice Cave and Temple
Fix North Aven crash when accepting certain side quests
Game Center Achievement Reputation fixes
Frame rate improvements for certain areas
Collider fixes in various areas
AI improvements for Ul' Thok
Floating armor fix
Stat fixes
Stability fixes
Spelling fixes

Not a bad patch for a fairly new game, huh? If Crescent Moon keeps this up they will certainly have a devoted gamer in me for years to come.

User Info: planetpluto2

5 years ago#2
awesome...floating armor sucked

User Info: takuma_kof98

5 years ago#3
I think the double tap to run a little annoying. Sometimes when I'm in 1st person view trying to adjust my aim I start to auto run.
"If you wanna get out of here you talk to me."
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  3. Game updated 1/5/13 - Lots of fixes

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