End of pirates story **Spoilers **

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User Info: mlahodik

4 years ago#1
So, I beat Davy Jones but didn't see any sign that I completed the story in full, besides completing the quest, do you not get any toys and prizes, for completing it? Do you see any credits at the end? Do I need to compete every mission?
I'm supposed to finish a mission to make my ship black, but can't find the last piece.
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User Info: Sabre_Fox

4 years ago#2
Ya, I had a hard time looking for the last black pirate ship piece too. I had to return to Calypso's level as there were a few quests she had I missed and there is a bomb door that had the piece I needed.

User Info: ccefranchise

4 years ago#3
I'd say the easiest way is if you get an achievement. There is a cheevo for completing one, two, and three of the playsets so if one pops up then you have at least completed the story portion of the playset.
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User Info: mcnichoj

4 years ago#4
Beating Davy Jones completes the story but you still have a bunch of toybox and playset stuff to collect and missions to complete and perhaps new challenges.

I still have no idea where I get the navigator outfit.
Edit: NM, I feel like the worlds biggest dumb-dumb.
Just need to find the El Caleuche front hull.
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User Info: xTomWolfx

4 years ago#5
Did you ever find the front hull for El caleuche? That's the very last thing I need...

User Info: MadVorlon

4 years ago#6
El Caleuche front is in Pantano Bayou near the dock.

User Info: xTomWolfx

4 years ago#7
THANKS! I've found everything except that. I'm "hoping" that earns me the final star: "Accomplished Pirate".
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