Help with first chapter *safety spoilers*

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User Info: captainjeff87

4 years ago#1
Enjoying the game so far and don't see why it's getting some of the criticism it's been getting.

Anyway, I just beat the first real "boss" in that dungeon (the troll boss or whatever it was called) but it took me several tries. Not the boss itself but getting to him. The enemies in there drain you health quick. Don't know how many times I ended up back at the church. In other words, this game is kicking my ass.

Help? Any suggestions? I'm always trying to equip the best stuff but that doesn't help. I stock up on herbs and antidotes (that damn Walking Dead enemy poisons you all the time I swear) but that doesn't help either. Should I just spend some time grinding? Thanks for any suggestions.

Also how long is each chapter?
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User Info: Prometheus4208

4 years ago#2
Just grind, basically. Any time you can afford new equipment, buy it right away. Until you have access to the bank, this is your best bet.

Early on, I would just go grind until I ran out of MP, go rest at the inn and then repeat. By the time you have enough gold to purchase the best available weapons and armor, you should be strong enough to progress through the story.
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User Info: Nasteeman

4 years ago#3
The way I usually handle these type of games is to stick around a particular town, running around just outside it fighting enemies, keeping within a safe distance so I can pop back in if I should get dangerously hurt and don't have much MP or items to heal myself. I keep doing this until I can afford the best armor and weapons that town's shop has, and then maybe grind a bit more to go up a few levels. By that time, with good equipment and decent levels, I can usually handle anything the game throws at me at that point. As always, if I run into some thing I can't handle, I just go back, grind some more, usually until I can get up about 5 more levels, and that usually does the trick.

User Info: Bloodyrose1985

4 years ago#4
Where is the healer at after you beat the cave troll? I went back to the castle and the queen still tells you to go and look for the healer.

User Info: Alltra

4 years ago#5
Go back to his house in Lakehaven.
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User Info: Aerodar

4 years ago#6
Maybe it's because I love RPGs or I'm good at them but I found this game way too easy and way too short.

After you finish chapter 1, chapter 2 and 3 are very short. We're talking about 2 real dungeons in chapter 2 (if you exclude the pointless tower after the first dungeon).

Chapter 3 has a few of them too but nothing hard, just steal potions from the start and at about 20 of them you should breeze by everything.

Best thing to do is just like everyone says is to grind. I usually just grinded until I got all the new armor and weapons from the stores and then moved to the next area. I even killed the final boss in chapter 1 w/o the dragon sword and after I won you get the exp and money but you die anyways after a small CS lol....
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