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User Info: Alamyst_

4 years ago#1
I've been playing this game for a few days now and I have some tips and tricks for anyone interested.
1. Do missions. The quicker missions get finished the quicker Barry level's up and the quicker you receive coins. There is no real point in continuing a run if you have no missions to achieve.
2. I personally advise a player to start purchasing Gadgets first. The most useful IMO are: Air Barrys, Token Gift, Free ride and Dezapinator. You can only choose two at a time, try to pick those that go with the missions you are working on.
3. Tokens give spins at the end of the game. To have a better chance to win watch the red arrows next to the pull-arm, as the light flashes past the last arrow pull the arm. Chances are greater to win this way. Check youtube if you need a visual aid.
4. Try to stay in the middle of the screen so you can quickly dive down or fly up. It is hard to avoid the zapinators if you have to clear the screen from the top to the bottom.

If anyone else has tips please add them. I will work on a brief mission-faq in the next few hours and post it soon.
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User Info: goldenboy1867

4 years ago#2
i dont think a lot of people play this game( no topics just you lol ). i played this game in the ipad and i loved it. the most useful vehicle is the the dragon ( mr.someting ) because it runs fast and easy to skip danger. the other is the teleporter. the good thing this game is free for the PS.
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User Info: Alamyst_

4 years ago#3
Here is a little guide to help with the missions. Most of these are just for "in one game" however there are a lot of redundant missions that are cumulative so just use the same general strategy.
1.: Travel Distance without Collecting Coins: Some of these can be a bit difficult the first thing you want to do is remove any magnets from vehicles and from Barry. Second I find it helps to start with a headstart, its tricky because sometimes you will rush into coins other times not. But having a headstart really helps. I attempt to stay to the ground as often as possible during these runs as only a few coin setups can be run into from the ground. Lastly I found the Air Barrys and Dezapinator work best for this.
2. High Five a set number of Scientist in game: Avoid vehicles and try to stay on the ground as often as possible. For the high number missions I put on Air Barrys and Dezapinator, this way you can jump zapinators quickly and maybe get lucky now and again with Dezapinator.
3. Pass a set number of Red Lights in one game. This can be tricky on the high numbers because red lights only appear in certain sections of the map. However vehicles set off the red lights so you will want Free Ride. Also Gravity Belt is nice on these missions as to quickly drop from the ceiling.
4.Destroy X Vehicle a set number of times: These are easy, just put on Free Ride and kill Barry as quickly as possible if you did not get the vehicle you want. If you did get the vehicle you want, kill Barry and try to get as quickly as possible again. Also set on Token Gift so you get a few free spins while you are at it.
5. Destroy Wall X times: This is easy, the wall is destroyed with the start of each game. Simply kill Barry as quickly as possible, pairs up well with Vehicle missions.
6. Rub Head Against the Roof Xm in One Game: For the most part this is easy, however you can't use vehicles. I find it best to have Gravity Belt to quickly drop. Otherwise try to pair this with another mission.

Most other missions are straight forward and easy. If anyone needs help with a mission not listed let me know and I'll post about it. Good luck and Have fun.
psn Alamyst

User Info: Eoin

4 years ago#4
Alamyst_ posted...
If you did get the vehicle you want, kill Barry and try to get as quickly as possible again.

If you get the vehicle you want, destroy it, and then Pause and Retry. You'll start off in the same vehicle. This way you can do "destroy X vehicle Y times" missions in a few minutes.

User Info: Alamyst_

4 years ago#5
Thanks Eoin. I did not even think of that.
psn Alamyst

User Info: Dabrikishaw15

4 years ago#6
What are all the gadget combinations?
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User Info: koza

4 years ago#7
As for gadget combinations - just buy every gadget, and then start mixing them in this way: equip first gadget in first slot, and then put on every other one in the second slot. After that use second gadget in first slot, and then rest of the gadgets in second one, with exception to the first you've used previously. Rinse and repeat...
It would take too much space to list every gadget combo...
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User Info: captainjeff87

4 years ago#8
The missions I hate the most are the ones where you have to travel a certain amount of meters in one run with a vehicle.

It's all luck most of the time and you just have to hope you won't run into a random zapper and get missile spammed (trust me I get spammed with them quite often).

I just end up unlocking the mission from the stash.
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User Info: Laurileth

4 years ago#9
Dabrikishaw15 posted...
What are all the gadget combinations?

Are you asking to find out the 25 Special Gadget Combinations? As koza already said, it would take too long to list EVERY possible combination, but I was doing just that procedure in order to get the 25 special combos today.

1. Air Barrys + EZY-Dodge Missiles = Air Dodger
2. Air Barrys + Gravity Belt = High Mobility
3. Air Barrys + X-Ray Specs = Futuristic Fashion
4. Nerd Repellent + X-Ray Specs = Nothing to See Here
5. Nerd Repellent + Free Ride = Disaster Averted
6. Nerd Repellent + Flash = Not So Lonely
7. Insta-Ball + Freeze-o-matic = Just a Little Further
8. Insta-Ball + Flying Pig = Fantastic Contraptions
9. Insta-Ball + Gravity Belt = Serious Bounce
10. Missile Jammer + EZY-Dodge Missiles = Mild Missiles
11. Missile Jammer + Dezapinator = Quality Control
12. Token Gift + Magnetic Tokens = Spin Master
13. Token Gift + Free Ride = Instant Gratification
14. Token Gift + Lucky Last = Beat the House
15. X-Ray Specs + Free Ride = Transport Tycoon
16. X-Ray Specs + Lucky Last = Fortuneteller
17. Gemology + Coin Magnet = Kaching
18. Gemology + Flying Pig = Glazed Ham
19. Gemology + Flash = Petty Cash
20. Magnetic Tokens + Coin Magnet = Magnetic Personality
21. Magnetic Tokens + Lucky Last = Great Odds
22. Flying Pig + Coin Magnet = Smash and Grab
23. Flying Pig + Flash = Odd Couple
24. Flying Pig + EZY-Dodge Missiles = Miss Piggy
25. Turbo Boost + Free Ride = Speedy Steakfries

User Info: Lawman_316

4 years ago#10
I think you over-exaggerate the importance of missions. They should be primary, but you can still grab a lot of coins with the Flying Pig + Coin Magnet combo (Smash And Grab). I tend to average around 500 coins per run, though my best is 2,433.

Also, for high-fiving the scientists, try for a good jetpack for the job. The Bubble Jetpack wiill make the scientists flee but is non-lethal, they have no reaction to and are unaffected by the Rainbow Jetpack, and are drawn to the money the expensive Golden Piggy Jetpack spews out, making it easier to draw them to you.
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