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Official Pokemon-claiming topic~

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User Info: TherianReturns

5 years ago#121
I claim Chandelure because that's how life goes
Therian the god king. -Gen 6 is going to suck.

User Info: takanuva323

5 years ago#122
l'll take Giratina in both of his formes
Official Giratina of the pokemon X/Y boards

User Info: Sephirotht

5 years ago#123
I pity the people claiming Ninetales though.
Since I already claimed Ninetales for the next years. Everywhere!
Official Jungo & Black Rider of the SMTIV board.
Officially faved Ninetales everywhere, R - Burning Executive

User Info: SolitaryMisan

5 years ago#124

User Info: hyjinx17

5 years ago#125
if it hasn't been taken already I call Fennekin's final evolution, if it has, I'll take the middle one.

Yes I'm aware they haven't been revealed yet
Rainbow Dash is best pony. The only argument I will accept is for Twilight Sparkle.

User Info: timirchand624

5 years ago#126
Realized my guys already taken. I claim Electabuzz!

User Info: RawstyleEevee

5 years ago#127
I'll claim Eevee

User Info: Benzychenz

5 years ago#128
My two favourites have been taken. So onto number three...


User Info: Roast_Grief

5 years ago#129
Y'know what? I'm gonna claim Gengar.
Uh... Zoop.

User Info: JuliafanAM

5 years ago#130
Claim Rapidash!
Waiting for SSBWiiU (Zelda Main!)
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