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Official Pokemon-claiming topic~

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User Info: surferguy7

4 years ago#81
Empoleon is mine and mine alone.
This is the internet, all opinions are considered invalid.

User Info: lazycomplife

4 years ago#82
Nobody claimed Swinub yet, so she's mine.
Wow really

User Info: Wynters387

4 years ago#83
Remember Senor, crafter of love.
President of the NDF Official Archeops of the Pokemon X Board

User Info: LunarRoar

4 years ago#84
Can I claim an entire evolutionary chain or just one Pokemon?

If just one, I claim Abra. If I can claim an entire chain, I'd like Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam.
Official Grand Master Assassin of New York (Assassin's Creed 3 board)

User Info: RatedRKO7

4 years ago#85
I claim Infernape.
Got it memorized?- Axel
Pokemon X & Y takes place in France started 1/8/13

User Info: McFastly

4 years ago#86
Um, uhh Froakie's middle evolution!
Official Donphan and PoliceMan Bob of the B/W 2 Boards and Black Club of the KI:U boards.

User Info: MovesLikeJabba

4 years ago#87
I claim shiny Fennekin if no one has all ready ^_^
in the name of MAD, you gots to move like Jabba!
Official Flareon of the Eevee corps *wags tail* Official Shiny Fennekin of the Pokemon X & Y boards.

User Info: MooFaceBrains

4 years ago#88

User Info: nrevo

4 years ago#89
Jigglypuff again
Not removing this until Jigglypuff returns to the anime. [8/25/08]

User Info: avionarix

4 years ago#90
I will claim Typhlosion
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