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Does this make Stadium style console games obsolete?

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  3. Does this make Stadium style console games obsolete?

User Info: ChronoAce

4 years ago#1
The main draw of the Stadium/Revolution games was seeing your Pokemon in 3D. Now the main handheld games takes care of that.

User Info: thealmightydib

4 years ago#2
I sure hope so
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User Info: Saintpara

4 years ago#3
Seems like it, though there could still be a Stadium type console game with cranked up graphics for selling power.
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User Info: Hirokey123

4 years ago#4
Stadium was always a great party game so I think it still has a market, this just means they can't get away tail gating off the whole POKEMON IN 3D thing anymore as the only reason to buy. PBR was frankly pathetic it had no effort in it what so ever and is a far cry from the creativity in the first two stadium games. Mini-games, the cast of trainers from the main game but stronger, tons of tournaments, custom tournaments with a crap ton of options+tons of rental pokemon, and so on.

There is a perfect market for Stadium if they choose to build off stadium rather than what PBR was.
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  3. Does this make Stadium style console games obsolete?

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