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Choose you starting Pokemon! - Fennekin, Chespin or Froakie?

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User Info: AugustDreaming

4 years ago#61
Fennekin. The other two look...weird >_>
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User Info: raytan7585

4 years ago#62
Fennekin, of course - KokorokokoroKOKOROkokoROKokoro-chan iu na

User Info: Misdreavus573

4 years ago#63
Fenniken. This may be the first time Ive genuinely liked the Fire starter best.

(Except maybe 3rd gen... but that was more because Blaziken was the only one I didnt hate...)

User Info: XWolfO

4 years ago#64
I hate frogs and anything that resembles a walnut or a chestnut just doesn't do it for me. The fox it is. It's so adorable!
It's-a me!

User Info: Anclation

4 years ago#65
Fennekin, first time since Gen 3 I'm choosing the fire starter.

User Info: Gizkatroid

4 years ago#66
Definitely Fennekin. Chespin is OK, looks a bit like a grass type Oshawott to me. But I don't like Froakie at all.

User Info: Neutron15

4 years ago#67
The Cycle Of Hatred Can Never Be Broken
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User Info: kuroneko0509

4 years ago#68
Fennekin, unless somehow it magically ends up as Fire/Fighting

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#69
Fennekin or Froakie.

I don't like Grass Starters normally. Only one I've ever liked was Treecko.
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User Info: Hulkkis

4 years ago#70
Froakie. Since the original games i always pick water first. Not breaking that tradition.
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