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Player movement looks to still be grid-based

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User Info: MachEvolution

5 years ago#1
Just an observation from the trailer, it looks like player movement is still tied to 4 directions. It's like in Black/White, Black2/White2 where the world looks 3D and some parts give the appearance of 3D movement(most curved paths), but you're still limited to 4 directions of movement.

I was hoping they would switch to actual 3D movement with the switch to completely 3D graphics, too bad.

User Info: J_aaron

5 years ago#2
I doubt it. The only reason it was "grid-based" in the past is because there was no analog stick before. Since these games are specifically for the 3DS, then they will use the analog nub instead.
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User Info: DarkFists

5 years ago#3
I think that the odd-ish movement might be because of it not being complete yet...we'll see in later videos.

User Info: MrBombasticaI

5 years ago#4
The world also is completely 3D, while keeping grid based movement.

From serebii
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User Info: Milso

5 years ago#5
Serebii is most likely basing that on the same piece of footage. Would definitely be a disappointment if it's true, but I can live with it.
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  3. Player movement looks to still be grid-based

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