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Favorite Legendary? Y-Bird or X-Deer?

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User Info: 2006_

4 years ago#11
Both are awesome. I like the elegant style of the deer.

User Info: VenomousX

4 years ago#12


And it's so pretty compared to the bird.
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User Info: Quesker

4 years ago#13
This is really apples to oranges. The Y-Bird is more cool and butt-kicking, while the X-Deer is more royal and majestic.

Still, I voted for the Y-Bird.
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User Info: mnkboy907

4 years ago#14
I like the deer better, but for the first time I actually think both cover legendaries are great. I thought Lugia was alright with Ho-oh kinda ugly, Kyogre was great with Groudon merely okay, Dialga was great with Palkia being ehhh, and Zekrom was awesome with Reshiram being merely okay. - Number of people that D'awwed: 70

User Info: Emperor_mateus

4 years ago#15
I don't know actually. The bird looks really badass, but the deer looks gracefull.

So far I like them both.
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