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List your favorite starters by generation

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User Info: snowflake182

4 years ago#11
strictly first forms?

Nami is my waifu! ~<3

User Info: LOGlC

4 years ago#12
Gen I: No favorite, but I hate Charmander.
Gen II: Cyndaquil
Gen III: Treecko
Gen IV: No favorite, but I hate Chimchar.
Gen V: No favorite
Gen VI: Chespin

User Info: Misdreavus573

4 years ago#13
I. Bulbasaur
III. Torchic
IV. Piplup
V. Snivy
VI. Fenneken, though I want to see the final evos to really be sure.

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#14
Generation I: Bulbasaur
Generation II: Cyndaquil
Generation III: Mudkip
Generation IV: Chimchar
Generation V: Tepig
Generation VI: Chespin

User Info: Reyman500

4 years ago#15
Which is greater half of quarter or quarter of half?

User Info: vital_tundra

4 years ago#16
Gen I: Bulbasaur
Gen II: Cyndaquil
Gen III: Treecko
Gen IV: Turtwig
Gen V: Oshawott

And Frokie for this generation. Although I reserve the right to change my mind after I see the evolutions and typing.
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User Info: PawnoftheBoards

4 years ago#17
Gen I: Bulbasaur
Gen 2: Totodile
Gen 3: Treeko or Torchic (can't decide)
Gen 4: Turtwig
Gen 5: Tepig
Gen 6: I will not decide until I have a chance to use them

User Info: summerclaw

4 years ago#18
Gen I: Charizard
Gen II: Bayleef
Gen III: Blaziken
Gen IV: Fire/Fighting money
Gen V: None
Gen VI: Frokie.
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User Info: LandscapeManX

4 years ago#19
Gen 1: Bulbasaur
Gen 2: Totodile
Gen 3: Treecko
Gen 4: Turtwig
Gen 5: Snivy
Gen 6: Chespin

All Grass it seems,. cept for gen2.
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User Info: Cloud557

4 years ago#20
Gen 1: Charmander
Gen 2 Cyndaquil
Gen 3: Mudkip
Gen 4: Piplup
Gen 5: Snivy
Gen 6 Fennekin
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