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My only problem

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User Info: tilaroxs

4 years ago#1
The starters start looking worse and worse. Last generatoon, I absolutely disliked Oshawott. Loved Tepig and Snivy wasn't bad though. Now, I only like the fire starter. What about everyone else?

User Info: DarkHeroRaven

4 years ago#2

Look at Froakie's gloriousness

Tell me it isn't glorious


User Info: PT_Piranha

4 years ago#3
I like all three.
<Last remaining Mario fan>

User Info: Lexifox

4 years ago#4
I like them all, but Froakie seems a bit off.
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User Info: gladwyn101

4 years ago#5
Honestly, I think all of the starters have their charm, except Turtwig.
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User Info: niklnip

4 years ago#6
This is actually the first time I liked all three starters from the get-go. :3 They're all awesome~
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User Info: roxbury1990

4 years ago#7
Gen 1 starters are still cooler than any other imo
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User Info: Decon082

4 years ago#8

Look at Chespin's gloriousness

Tell me it isn't glorious

Official Chespin of the Pokemon X boards.

User Info: spooky96

4 years ago#9
Fire looks awesome. Grass is decent. Water is terrible.
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User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#10
Decon082 posted...

Look at Chespin's gloriousness

Tell me it isn't glorious

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