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So we basically get a new pokemon game AND a new pokemon stadium game!!!

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User Info: seriouspancake

5 years ago#1
I mean look at the fighting style, tell me that isn't pokemon stadium like...

This is awesome!!

I've been waiting for a new pokemon stadium-esque game!!
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User Info: DarkFists

5 years ago#2
I thought that it looked like Stadium when it was revealed yeah, we're technically getting a main series XD game :P

User Info: mondrae205

5 years ago#3
announcer will be annoying.
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User Info: Changlini

5 years ago#4
By that, I thought you meant that there would be stadiums with minigames and of course 3 Dimensional battles.

Not just the usual 3d battles that have been in most Pokemon console games.

Also, Sea salt caramel chocolate, or white cream chocolate?

User Info: deevo117

5 years ago#5
Did you see that one room where Fire erupted in two columns? Elite 4 battles are going to be absolutely incredible.
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User Info: Monixion

5 years ago#6
mondrae205 posted...
announcer will be annoying.

'It's a one hit wonder!'

'Ohh and it's down after a good fight!'

'And there goes, the battle!'

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User Info: SilverCrono

5 years ago#7
Having an announcer could make really intense Pokemon battles (gyms, E4, Champion) even more awesome and a whole lot less forgettable. Imagine having it in WiFi

If it's done well, of course. >_>
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User Info: ZeroArchery

5 years ago#8
I REALLY want a Battle Revolution for the Wii U.

Battle Revolution was amazing.

Customizable Trainers, your party was with you, Trainer Cards customizable, changed what your Trainers says, etc.

Gosh we need it.
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  3. So we basically get a new pokemon game AND a new pokemon stadium game!!!

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