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Is it just me, or Chespin is BY FAR the ugliest starter...?

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  3. Is it just me, or Chespin is BY FAR the ugliest starter...?

User Info: Melkac

4 years ago#1
I don't even know what it it a mole? A squirrel? A mix between a lizard, a mole and a squirrel...?

imo, he needs more green on his skin...

User Info: Enerus

4 years ago#2
I agree.

User Info: Twilight_Sonata

4 years ago#3
Pretty sure it's a chipmunk.
Also, it's about average. There've been far stupider looking starters.
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User Info: mondrae205

4 years ago#4
The water guy has a "head" on his head
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User Info: vital_tundra

4 years ago#5
Its some sort of rodent like creature. I like him though, I have some thoughts on how his evos will look and can imagine some awesome hooded creature.
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User Info: NickTheBlitz

4 years ago#6
Froakie by far, IMO. Thing is hideous. Oshawott may have been derpy, but at least it was passable. Froakie's just... interesting.
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User Info: kabigon20

4 years ago#7
People said the same thing about Oshawott last gen...
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User Info: SlimeStack

4 years ago#8
IMO it has a sort of Pikachu/Pachirisu/Emolga look to it. A grass rodent. I like that. Froakie is the least appealing of the three but I still think it looks good.

Though if anyone knows what Chespin is based on I'd love to know.

User Info: spooky96

4 years ago#9
Froakie is the most ugly. Chespin is fine.
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User Info: mralpha543

4 years ago#10
It's a Brown Oshawott with a hat.
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  3. Is it just me, or Chespin is BY FAR the ugliest starter...?

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