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I just realized something. Mind=blown

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User Info: Hirokey123

4 years ago#31
OldDirtyCR posted...
it being 3D but makes absolutely no reference to chromosome or anything related to that. Based on what we have right now I'd say it's easier to lean towards X, Y, Z coordinates. I'm not saying chromosomes is impossible, but it just doesn't match the trailer and what we are being shown as of right now.

What logo is everyone talking about that has a helix?

In the japanese logo there is a very blatant double helix DNA strand in both Pokemon Y's logo and Pokemon X's logo.

Red and Blue color scheme- Genetics and 3D
The double helix-DNA and the 3D shape on a plane that is point X, Y, and Z.
Bird Pokemon Y-Sky Y chromosome and Point Y
Deer Pokemon X-Land X chromosome and Point X

With this in mind the third should be a sea based with a Z shape, a serpent/dragon could easily fit this motif and as said before there is a Z chromosome.
I've got a quote that embodies you perfectly, but it's seventy-three posts long, has a few massive flowcharts, and lots of Xion-KMA to Me

User Info: haku10

4 years ago#32
kawa_nda posted...
haku10 posted...
I don't see how flight = vertical / latitude and ground = horizantal / longitude.

...How do you not? Flight involves vertical movement, and the ground is horizontal ("the earth is round herp-derp" notwithstanding). This makes perfect sense.

Alright, I see how you guys got flight = Y now. Still, to someone who understands the relationship between an X/Y grid and the Cartesian Coordinate System, it doesnt make sense.

I originally viewed it as the X/Y and Latitude/Longitude plains being the same thing. So I saw you guys saying flying = going torwards the north or south pole and ground = going around the world which made no sense.

The reason why TC and others think Y = flying would actually be Z = flying if we use an actual X/Y coordinate system on the earth.
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