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What new Eevee evolution would you liketo see?

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User Info: minato434

4 years ago#1
I doubt that'll happen but hey th idea popped in my head.

Id like to see a flying type or dragon type eevee.
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User Info: YoyokuKO

4 years ago#2

User Info: HylianCyndaquil

4 years ago#3
Dragon & poison type eeveelution please.
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User Info: Xazeal

4 years ago#4
The legendaries are eeveelutions. Flying and Steel.
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User Info: SBNetopir

4 years ago#5
All of them.

User Info: SettaWorldTeeth

4 years ago#6
Flying and steel for me.

User Info: FredCat07

4 years ago#7
SBNetopir posted...
All of them.

Me approved!
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