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Let's come up with possible names for the evil team we will inevitably encounte

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  3. Let's come up with possible names for the evil team we will inevitably encounte

User Info: jimmyzeke13

4 years ago#51
Umuru posted...
They got beat by a random kid, then their remnants got beat by another kid. Why do you want Rocket back?

And which team was not defeated by a ten year old kid? Rocket was the most dastardly team of all. Kind of.

User Info: HeroKirby

4 years ago#52
Team Origin. X and Y, Cartesian Planes, graphs... You know.

User Info: TruePowerSeeker

4 years ago#53
OhHeyltsYou posted...
Team Activision
Team Nexon
Team EA
Team Capcom
Team United Airlines
Team Time Warner
Team Bank of America

The most evilest names I could think of.

Team 4kids

User Info: RatedRKO7

4 years ago#54
Team Science
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User Info: Jing412

4 years ago#55
Team Origin Plane
Team Equation?

User Info: light_dark13

4 years ago#56
Team Al-Khwarizmi.
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User Info: SolitaryMisan

4 years ago#57
Team Z?

User Info: crystallegends3

4 years ago#58
Team San
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User Info: the_key_24

4 years ago#59
Team Chromosome
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User Info: Reaper115

4 years ago#60
HeyItsZant posted...
Surprised no ones said Team Axis.

Somebody did. And that probably won't happen because people might get all sensitive over the fact that it sounds similar to the Axis Powers of WWII.

And I want Team Rocket back because they were the original evil team. They didn't have stupid costumes or lofty goals... they were pretty much the mafia of the Pokemon universe. Pure and simple. And the argument that they were all incompetent and boring and were brought down by one random kid could really be said about all the other evil Pokemon teams.

In addition to this, I feel that the amount of evil organizations are getting a bit out of hand. They need to have one return, imo, and it might as well be the original.
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  3. Let's come up with possible names for the evil team we will inevitably encounte

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