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Which starter did you expect to choose last gen...

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User Info: DarcKage

5 years ago#1
...and which one did you end up picking? And what kind of situation are you expecting to happen this time?

For me, Oshawott was the least appealing and thought I'd pick Tepig or Snivy for sure. Their evolutions turned out to be dissapointing (mostly Tepig's) and I went with Oshawott in the end who I really started to like after a while.

This time, it's exactly the same. I'm expecting Fennekin or Chespin and not even considering Froakie. I wonder what I'll be thinking in a few months when we know the evolution lines.
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User Info: AhnoldDood

5 years ago#2
I picked Tepig for B/W. It wasn't a hard choice, really, I kick arse with Fire-types.

User Info: gheno871

5 years ago#3
Wanted snivy, ended up with Oshawott. Only thing that effects my decision is future typing, Level up move set, and gym leader order. Unless you just get all three.
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User Info: Eulu

5 years ago#4
Expected to pick Tepig, chose Snivy after seeing final evolutions. I ended up grinding to evolve it early though then leaving it in a box in favor of using Venipede as a "starter."
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User Info: vermillion719

5 years ago#5
I planned to pick Snivy from the very beginning. I just knew in my heart that he'd be the starter for me.

I've done two playthroughs of Black and one and some change of Black 2, and I never picked Snivy. Oshawott for the Black runs and one of the Black 2 runs, Tepig for my current Black 2 file.

I'm just not sure on who I'll pick for X/Y. I'm thinking it'll be either the Fire or Water starter...most likely Water.
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User Info: Ruwalk

5 years ago#6
Until Gen V I always picked the fire starter, typically because it always seemed to take forever to find good fire pokes going through the scenario. That and they're usually my favorite of the three. However with Gen V I also went with Oshawott, he was too cute to pass up. I also played with Tepig for awhile and was just disappointed, Though I will also say Gen V is the first gen where I didn't take my starter all the way to the end of the game for the scenario, which saddened me a little.

This game right now makes it look like I'll be going fire again :D However, as you said, going to wait to see what the typings are and how they look. To be honest I like all three starters for this coming game so for me it could be either one. But if Fennekin becomes Fire/Psychic in its final form, there is no debate, it will be mine.

User Info: reyray0709

5 years ago#7
Snivy was my choice, until I saw the Oshawott family.
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User Info: tilaroxs

5 years ago#8
Expected Tepig, chise Tepig. This time, expecting Fennekin, and more than likely I'm gonna chose Fennekin when the game comes out

User Info: Arethai

5 years ago#9
I immediately latched on to Tepig when he was revealed. He was just too happy and his final forms' ties to Chinese mythology were too appealing. I didn't even care he was fire/fighting. My decision to choose him never wavered.

I expect the same to go with Froakie, but anything could happen still.

User Info: jayman7

5 years ago#10
After seeing leaked art of Dewott, I was planning on starting with Oshawott.

After Samurott was confirmed... I avoided using Oshawott for anything more than dex completion. Stupid Samurott.
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