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Looks like Pokemon aren't going to follow behind again

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User Info: Robot_Soopa

4 years ago#11
mjc0961 posted...
It wasn't need and it didn't make any bond stronger. It just follows you around, big deal. There's no bond to be had because they executed it poorly. You just talk to it and get some text that it's bored or whatever. Maybe it had an item. No bond there. The reason it worked in Yellow and failed miserably in HGSS is because they focused on just one Pokemon and actually had all those different reactions. Seeing sad Pikachu when he's poisoned and listening to his sad cry actually starts to form something like a bond. Seeing a generic sad face icon above a sprite's head followed by the text "blahblah is poisoned" is not a bond at all. It's just telling you something you already knew.

And yeah, it is a pointless feature and it's better that they not have it at all if the alternative is something as poorly executed as HGSS's version. If they focused on just a few and did the Yellow thing again, then it would be good, but if it's just going to be an extra sprite following you all the damn time, they shouldn't (and thankfully, won't) bother.

Oh I didn't know you were me and knew my experiences better than I did. Thanks for fixing my opinion for me and stating it as fact.

User Info: Dragonitetamer

4 years ago#12
For the ones who really dont get, it the following feauture was only in HG/SS (lets make myself clear): It was a remake from the legendary GBC games G/S/C + their anniversary.
This is why U dont see it returning anytime soon, since there is no special occasion (yes a full 3DS game doesnt count).
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