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In response to hatred about the continuation of Pokemon as a series..

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User Info: CruxisInhibitor

4 years ago#1
While it is definitely true that Pokemon has changed over the years, that never seems to change why i love Pokemon. As a life-long Pokemon fanatic (Playing since Red & Blue came to the states and was into the manga and anime beforehand as a young child), i can tell you that the core reason i like Pokemon is because i feel it captures a feeling of companionship (mostly through the show) that is just appealing to kids thematically. I'm 20 years old now, but i won't lie. Who doesn't think it would be awesome to have a monster companion with special attacks, personality, and undying loyalty? I just feel like Pokemon captures a very heartfelt theme or ideal in its' underlying design.

The games, for me, have always been an extension of the anime. I just love immersing myself in the virtual reality that is Pokemon because of the underlying theme stated above. To me, it's just a fantastically successful RPG mutation (that has been iterated on in many games like WoW, Spectrobes, etc. but never popularized like Pokemon because they lack that underlying theme). It's difficult to explain, but i think Pokemon fans will understand. It just captures that feeling you had as a little kid that you wanted to command these monsters with awesome strength, but they went a step ahead with it and added an emotional investment in it. For example, take the first Pokemon episode where Ash receives Pikachu. In this episode, Ash shows Pikachu just how much he cares by saving him from all those Spearows. This is that extra connection that all those other games try to replicate, but fail. The emotional investment and the feeling of freedom, adventure, and companionship. I think this is what Pokemon embodies for me. I love the series and i know just how much work goes into creating new Pokemon.
I couldn't possibly marginalize the effort and passion of the designers just because it has changed marginally over the years.

I think there will realistically be a stopping point for this series, but im glad that it wasn't with B/W2. If you want to direct your hatred at something, B/W2 just felt to me like a stupid money grab where they slightly altered present work just to push out a new title (probably to get a bit of extra cash to build this game). I skipped over it and pretty much lost interest because it felt shallow. When my girlfriend told me they were going to be doing a new reveal that had to do with Pokemon a while ago, i definitely never pictured this. I am truly ecstatic for the release of the game because it's POKEMON...a new addition and not a shallow ploy.

I don't think they've sold out the series in the slightest. Sure some aspects of the newer games have felt a little shallow, but when i turn on my Gameboy or my DS, i feel the same at the beginning of the adventure as i did when i was 5 years old. : Black FC: 2322 5597 1384
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User Info: CruxisInhibitor

4 years ago#2
Thought i'd bump this so die-hard fans could read and comment. : Black FC: 2322 5597 1384
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User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#3

I kid. I also agree.
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User Info: Kagato24

4 years ago#4
Only fools hate Pokemon.

User Info: imdebomb2

4 years ago#5
I just hate that frikken fire/deer fox thing they pulled outta their asses this time around.
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User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

4 years ago#6
Actually, I thought BW2 was a pretty great idea; it stopped any talks of an ever-present 3rd version, and gave us a great game. It wasn't as if they put us in the exact same region either; multiple new areas and cities had to be redesigned, and re-scripted. In addition, we were given access to some of our old favorites, as well as Hidden Grottos (not that they were efficient), and the PWT (which I believe, on its own, has the potential to make an "end of the series" thesis)
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