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region free?

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User Info: monski147

4 years ago#1
If they will be releasing this simultaneously worldwide and people can trade & battle globally then, is it region free?

User Info: AhnoldDood

4 years ago#2
If the 3DS isn't, the game isn't.

User Info: beebarb

4 years ago#3
No-one will know until at least a few days before release when reviewers and testers get their copies.

There are region lock codes used with DS and 3DS games, at least one of which denotes a region-free title (though I am yet to see a 3DS game with the region free code). I will not be listing them all, just those which are relevant.

Take Super Pokemon Rumble (Pokemon Rumble Blast for those in the USA as an example):

It's code is:

for the Australian version.

The structure basically follows like so:

Note: Not all titles may begin with LNA-CTR but that's what I have seen so far.

The section 'abc' denotes the Game ID, that is unimportant.
The section 'R' denotes the Region Code:

J - Japan
E - Americas
P - Europe/Australia
K - Korea
O - Other/Undefined (in other words Region-Free, observed only with DS titles so far)

The section 'CNT' denotes the country of distribution:
JPN - Japan
USA - Americas
EUR - Europe
AUS - Australia
KOR - Korea

Note: For DS games, this information was only relevant for DSi enhanced titles such as Pokemon Black/White/Black 2/White 2, as all other DS titles were effectively region free.
But since all 3DS games are locked, this information is even more relevant.
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