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Gen I-IV= Japan, Gen V= USA, Gen VI= France/Europe

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User Info: John_Dory

4 years ago#1
What other regions/ nations/ continents do you think/ hope GF will use as inspiration for future gens?

User Info: Roobitysu

4 years ago#2
North Korea.
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User Info: Gold Ursaring

Gold Ursaring
4 years ago#3
Australia has the right shape to troll Hoenn fans.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#4

Or Australia.
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User Info: The_FoolXXII

4 years ago#5
Africa or the Moon
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User Info: SteelPunk808

4 years ago#6
Roobitysu posted...
North Korea.

Lol Pokemon of Mass Destruction.
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User Info: HeroKirby

4 years ago#7
Isn't Orre also based on USA? Specifically, the southwest?

Anyway, India would be cool.

User Info: Marbiaach

4 years ago#8
I was going to suggest South America/Carribean for a tropical area, but I guess Hoenn is the "tropical" region.

Maybe even a civilized Antarctica?
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User Info: RippleLaser

4 years ago#9
Somalia next.
Just imagine the possibilities.

User Info: CosmB

4 years ago#10
California, USA
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