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So about DLC Pokemon.

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User Info: msbeth

4 years ago#1
Think it will happen this generation? You get about 80 new Pokemon on the cartridge, 20 or so through FREE seasonal DLC, and then the obligatory event legendaries.

Not sure if the DLC Pokemon should be available for xx amount of time, or just stay available forever. An example being, oh my look, its winter! Free Delibird for you! Oh look, summer! Free Remoraid for you! And look, your Remoraid can evolve into a new Pokemon too, Octillery!! Halloween is coming, here's your free Misdreavus! If there were DLC Pokemon in GSC. lol

User Info: beebarb

4 years ago#2
DLC in the way you are describing it in this topic would be horrific. If they ever do DLC, it will probably be for event Pokemon.
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User Info: kylekillgannon

4 years ago#3
It won't happen that way. Because then people would be mega pissed that you couldn't switch over that one Delibird they've had since Gen 3.
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User Info: Chao777

4 years ago#4
I think they should only do DLC for event Pokémon, but add them in the game's coding through free patches/updates.

That way this Gen's events don't get leaked years before they're supposed to.

User Info: SlimeStack

4 years ago#5
They shouldn't use DLC at all. It doesn't make sense to have DLC that you can trade to someone else's game.

Pokémon should be added through patches. The only reason siginificant free content isn't always added in patches is because they don't want to make the patches too big, but a single Pokémon on a 3DS game won't be that large.

So basically, DLC should be things that stick to one cart like new areas and stuff, while event Pokémon should be patched into everyone's game simultaneously.
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