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Which version(s) are you getting?

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User Info: Insanititious

4 years ago#11
X, merely because of Dat Deer.
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User Info: SazukeEX

4 years ago#12
I'm getting the Z Version.
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User Info: keybladesrus

4 years ago#13
Polimario posted...
Not decided until version-specifics are known.

Same here. I like both legendaries, so it just comes down to what defferences there are between the two versions.

If one version has Lucario obtainable and the other doesn't, I will get the one with it no matter what.
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User Info: patsfan2312

4 years ago#14
I always get both

User Info: bloodthirstfury

4 years ago#15
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User Info: gnerdus

4 years ago#16

I was going to get Y but Xerneas has really grown on me.
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User Info: makedounia

4 years ago#17
Xazeal posted...
X, because deer.
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