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Change something!!!!!

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User Info: surferguy7

5 years ago#21
MaverickBear45 posted...
Enferolunos posted...
MaverickBear45 posted...
i really hope this isn't gonna be the same game as every other past pokemon game.

these games (and a lot of nintendo games as a whole lately) are becoming so generic and unoriginal, they just take the exact same formula from past games and copy and paste them into a new game.

Get rid of:

-the 8 gym system, followed by an elite four and champion battle. This has been done so many times and everyone is tired of it. It is possible to make a pokemon game without gyms.

-having a villainous organization called "team ________" that tries to steal innocent people's pokemon. its getting really old. i know there has to be some kind of bad guy, but you can change it up.

-using the same HMs over and over and over. there have been a couple new ones used throughout the years, but please show some creativity and change something

on a side note, i really like how they finally included a "challenge mode" in black and white 2, but they completely screwed it up by not letting you activate it until after you beat the game. it would be nice if the new games could give you that choice at the beginning of the game.


have you seen the new super mario bros. series? they all look like the same game, only they made it four times.

mario kart has gotten bland and repetitive as well

New Super Mario Bros? Yes, but that series is bland by definition.

Mario Kart? LOLno.
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User Info: GTRagnarok

5 years ago#22
All I really want is a harder single player.
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User Info: DarkHeroRaven

5 years ago#23
From: 7656198 | #002
So...10 Gym battles and an Elite 6?


User Info: Czar_Yoshi

5 years ago#24
ChronoAce posted...
I want the Rival to be a huge **** like in Gen 1 and never change. Make him end up being the leader of Team (insert name here) or the E4 Champion again.

Yeah. Recent Rivals are annoying when they ambush you without letting you prepare, but Gary was much more unpredictable. I was legitimately surprised (or at least wasn't expecting him) every time he showed up (well, maybe not e4), but the B/W rivals practically tell you where they're going and then fight you when you get there. Also, if they're going to be so nice about battling, they would let you heal first.

Not to mention, steamrolling him is much funner after he's just insulted you five times and proclaimed himself invincible.
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