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ONE thing you especially want added/changed/altered for Pokemon X/Y.

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User Info: Marsford

5 years ago#1
The main thing I want to see, besides the Battle Frontier from Emerald (that's a given), is just faster battles in general. I'm somewhat worried that 3D battles may be slower. 5th gen sped things along a little, but I would prefer it even faster if possible.

What do you say?
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User Info: imdebomb2

5 years ago#2
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User Info: Mugiloko

5 years ago#3
Remove IVs.
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User Info: SlimeStack

5 years ago#4
Pretty much everything B2W2 had would be welcome.

IVs are my only problem when it comes to mechanics. Pokémon gets better and better otherwise.

User Info: NihiloExistant

5 years ago#5
I would like a return of the Pokemon World Tournament, but that probably won't happen.
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User Info: zeekybookydoog

5 years ago#6
Mugiloko posted...
Remove IVs.
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User Info: ZERO2936

5 years ago#7
I found the core mechanics almost perfect in Gen V. I honestly can't think of anything else.

User Info: Finale_Wanderer

5 years ago#8
Status effects in game not effecting certain type of moves/pokemon.

Physical moves should be affected by paralyze. Some special moves shouldn't be affected.
Pokemon that are psychic should not succumb to confusion. Ghost types should be affected by most status effects. Poison types shouldn't be able to be poisoned. Ground and Rock pokemon shouldn't be effected by burn. Water type pokemon should be likely to get frozen. Pokemon trained for a long period of time should rarely get confused.
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User Info: Octaivian_Rex

5 years ago#9
From: Finale_Wanderer | #008
Poison types shouldn't be able to be poisoned.

Umm, they aren't.

User Info: paipr

5 years ago#10
I'd like them to overhaul all past Gen pokemon's stats. Make the playing field more even for some Pokemon that are 3,4,5 generations old.

also lets go ahead and re-do portions of the type chart.

all of this to rebalance all Pokemon to each-other. (not that I'm saying luvdisc should be able to while the floor with arceus or mewtwo)
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