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New ability ideas

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User Info: PokemonYoutube

4 years ago#1
Here's some new abilities I thought of earlier today:

Absolute Zero:
When an opponent makes contact with this Pokémon, there is a 10% chance it will become frozen solid.
(A variant of Static, Poison Point and Flame Body, but with a lower chance of occurring because freezing is way more annoying than paralysis, poison and burn.)

Bug Lure:
Prevents Bug-types from switching.
(Variant of Magnet Pull that affects Bug-types.)

Boosts the power of your moves by 30% if you move first.
(Basically a reverse Analytic.)

This Pokémon can hit Dark-types with Psychic-type moves.
(Variant of Scrappy.)

Boosts both Defense and Special Defense by 50% when afflicted by a status effect.
(Variant of Guts that affects both Defenses.)

Full Charge:
Boosts the power of Electric-type moves by 50% when at full health, but the lower the Pokémon's health gets, the weaker its Electric-type moves become.

At the end of each turn, all stats are either raised or lowered by one stage.

When this Pokémon is knocked out by an opponent, that opponent is afflicted by Curse.

Ice Skater:
Doubles speed when Hail is up.
(Hail variant of Swift Swim, Chlorophyll and Sand Rush.)

Halves the damage taken from Electric- and Ice-type moves.
(Thick Fat variant that counters BoltBeam.)

Loose Spikes:
When this Pokémon is hit by an attack that makes contact, it drops one layer of Spikes on the opponent's side of the field.

Raises Special Attack by 50% when you're afflicted by a status effect.
(Special Attack variant of Guts.)

Raises your Special Attack by two stages when any of your stats are lowered by the opponent.
(Variant of Defiant for Special Attack.)

Doubles the power of moves when the user is confused, but the user will take double the damage if it hits itself.

Automatically afflicts the opponent with a Taunt upon switching in, which will wear off after three turns.

EDIT: Some more ideas:

If this Pokémon is afflicted by a status effect, it passes the status effect on to the opponent when this Pokémon switches out. This Pokémon is then cured.
(Kinda like Natural Cure meets Synchronize.)

Crushing Jaws:
Boosts the power of biting moves by 20%.
(Variant of Iron Fist.)
Moves affected by Crushing Jaws:
Bite, Bug Bite, Crunch, Fire Fang, Hyper Fang, Ice Fang, Poison Fang, Super Fang (would leave the target with 30% of its health instead of 50%), Thunder Fang
(There would also be new Fang moves, like Dragon Fang, Steel Fang, Ghost Fang etc.)

Deep Sleeper:
When this Pokémon is affected by Sleep, it will always sleep for 6 turns. But when it is asleep, its Defense and Special Defense are doubled.

This Pokémon is immune to all physical attacks but it takes double damage from special attacks.

Doubles this Pokémon's Special Attack.
(Variant of Pure Power/Huge Power.)

Head Start:
When this Pokémon is switched in, its Speed will automatically be increased by three stages. However, its Speed will decrease by one stage every turn after that.

Lower Guard:
When the Pokémon is switched in, the opponent's Defense is lowered by one stage.
(Variant of Intimidate.)

Decreases the power of moves by 50% but increases the chance of side effects occurring by 50%

Damage taken from contact moves is halved.

When this Pokémon is switched in, it will automatically swap held items with the opponent.

User Info: HelloIamMe

4 years ago#2
Actually... I like these. Gambler sounds stupid annoying though.
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User Info: Raiden_Fan

4 years ago#3
Absolute Zero would fit Regice.
Enlightened for Uxie (knowledge pokemon and all).

User Info: CharizardFire

4 years ago#4
Flare Engine
Effect: boost the Pokémon’s Speed when the Pokémon is hit with a Fire-type attack

Effect: drops the opponent’s Speed when the Pokémon enters the battle

Ice Drain
Effect: restores HP when hit with an Ice-type attack; if hit by Sheer Cold, HP is fully restored

Effect: triples Speed when the opponent is using an Electric-type

Effect: increases evasion in strong sunlight

Psych Out
Effect: drops the opponent’s Special Attack when the Pokémon enters the battle

Rain Power
Effect: boosts Special Attack in rain, but does a little damage to the Pokémon each turn when it rains

Rock Dodge
Effect: is immune to Rock-type moves and Stealth Rock

Sand Body
Effect: slightly restores HP each turn in sandstorms

Sharp Claws
Effect: increases the power of claw-based moves

Special Power
Effect: boosts the Pokémon’s Special Attack (special variant of Huge Power and Pure Power)

Sun Panel
Effect: slightly restores HP each turn in strong sunlight

Trap Buster
Effect: destroys all entry hazards on your side of the field when the Pokémon enters battle

Venom Tail
Effect: has a chance of poisoning an opponent with any tail-based move; enhances the chance of poisoning with Poison Tail

Effect: prevents the opponent’s Pokémon from boosting stats when the Pokémon is recharging after using a powerful attack

User Info: Alty1

4 years ago#5
Eagerness seems like it would make the metagame even more about speed and priority than it already is.
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User Info: PokemonYoutube

4 years ago#6
Alty1 posted...
Eagerness seems like it would make the metagame even more about speed and priority than it already is.

Maybe, but perhaps that would make Trick Room a viable option.

Or just give it to Pokémon with average speed at best, so that they need to either boost their speed or use a Choice Scarf to be able to make use of it.

User Info: Darkgamer66Dark

4 years ago#7
here my my ability idea


In-Depth Effect:

ATK, DEF SP. ATK, SP. DEF, SPEED is raised to the max but lowers evasion to the max
when in a pinch

Overworld Effect;

Will find a random Pokemon Egg in party if there room in party

(pokemon has this abilty will be pokemon that hatchs from the egg
Like Female Pikachu with the abilty the egg will have Pichu inside)

User Info: Octaivian_Rex

4 years ago#8
From: PokemonYoutube | #001
At the end of each turn, all stats are either raised or lowered by one stage.

No I hate heavily luck based stuff like this. Absolute Zero could be bad too but at least it can be avoided with non contact moves. The rest of the abilities are fine as they are mostly just variations of already existing abilities. Full charge sounds pretty cool though. My turn:

This Pokemon performs 2-turn moves in one turn. (Solar Beam, Hyper Beam, Dig, Fly, etc.)

This Pokemon's non-contact moves have their accuracy raised by 20%.

Combo Chain:
This Pokemon's attack is boosted by 10 percent every time it lands an attack that was different than the previous attack.

This Pokemon takes half damage on the turn it switches in if the attack would have KO'd the switched out Pokemon.

Soil Corruption:
Ground type attacks used on this Pokemon are changed to poison type.

Rampaging Rhapsody:
All sound based attacks have their effect doubled. (Hyper voice has 200 base power, Howl sharply raises attack, etc.)
(Whismur line)

At the end of each turn if this Pokemon's attack stat is lower than its opponent its attack rises one stage.

The Pokemon has double its normal speed on the first turn it is sent out.

Jaws of Life:
This Pokemon regains health whenever it uses a biting attack.
(Zubat line)

Fractal Armor:
This Pokemon takes no damage from attacks that deal less than 1/6 of its health.

User Info: deadpool848

4 years ago#9
Some ideas:

Patient - Increases the power of 2-turn moves (Fly, Dive, Bouce, etc.)

Weather Null - Cancels out Weather Effects

Anticipation - Defence / Spc. Defence Increased if oponent moves first

Fearless - Attack increased but take recoil from all atacks.

Observant - Increase evasiveness if same move is used twice agaisnt it.

Prepared - Take 1/2 damage from first atack that hits it.

User Info: ScottThang

4 years ago#10
When this Pokemon is on the field, all weaknesses, resistances, and immunities are ignored by both sides.
Possible Pokemon: Arceus Normal Forme

Attack Oriented:
Super Effective attacks used by this Pokemon do more damage, but super effective attacks inflicted on this Pokemon also do more damage.
Possible Pokemon: Many fighting types

Defense Oriented:
Super effective attacks inflicted on this Pokemon do less damage, but super effective attacks used by this Pokemon also do less damage
Possible Pokemon: Many Steel and Rock types.

Mind Warp:
When an opposing Pokemon makes contact with this Pokemon, there is a 30% chance the opposing Pokemon will become confused.
Possible Pokemon: Many Psychic types

Iron Helmet:
Head-based attacks (Headbutt, Skull Bash, etc) do 20% more damage.
Possible Pokemon: Cranidos line, Scraggy line

Pure Beauty:
As long as this Pokemon is on the field, there is always a 25% chance that an opposing Pokemon of the opposite gender cannot attack it (like a perma-Cute Charm with lower probability).
Possible Pokemon: Milotic, Lopunny
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