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Does anyone agree that Xerneas should have Swords Dance?

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  3. Does anyone agree that Xerneas should have Swords Dance?

User Info: arvilino

4 years ago#1
I honestly think there's no excuse for it not to.

User Info: SBNetopir

4 years ago#2

User Info: mondrae205

4 years ago#3
Its dangerous to dance with swords so he shouldn't
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User Info: jayman7

4 years ago#4
Who said it didn't?
Creator of Jay's Journey (see quote!)
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User Info: Alty1

4 years ago#5
Nah, give it a Tail Glow-esque exclusive boosting move that takes attack to +3. - SHOKANSTEIN - Kazzus

User Info: Xerneas

4 years ago#6
Of course, it would be weird not to have it.
- X -

User Info: Mugiloko

4 years ago#7
It would be stupid if he had Swords Dance.
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User Info: Vaati_Reborn

4 years ago#8
He literally has swords for legs so why not

User Info: Roobitysu

4 years ago#9
Depends on if its the Physical one of the duo.

That, and if GF actually gives the mascots a decent Speed stat for once.
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User Info: bwburke94

4 years ago#10
< fighter > I like swords. < /fighter >
Unofficial Froakie of the Pokemon X board.
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  3. Does anyone agree that Xerneas should have Swords Dance?

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