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~Official PokeCouples topic of the Pokemon X Board~

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User Info: Zekrix

5 years ago#1
Welcome. Here you can reserve whatever partner from Pokemon for you. Self explanatory.

Well, mine is: ZekrixxCynthia

Elesa, Skyla, Roxie and Steven are reserved to youknowwho.
~Official Mewtwo of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Boards~
The Strongest Pokemon!

User Info: bretonftw

5 years ago#2
HG/SS male protagonist for me.

User Info: EJW

5 years ago#3

User Info: TruePowerSeeker

5 years ago#4
EJW posted...

Damn it beat me to it.

User Info: Mistress_Zelda_

5 years ago#5
Who has Steven reserved? o.O I don't think I know that person...
My heart has wings and I can fly,
I'll touch every star in the sky!

User Info: Solar_Crimson

5 years ago#6
Fine, I'll play along.

*huggles Jasmine* - My Backloggery
The official Okuninushi of the Shin Megami Tensei IV board.

User Info: Mugiloko

5 years ago#7





You got to be kidding me.
BlackFC:1807-8830-3725 "Squids are evil!"
Official Zoroark of the Pokemon XY board

User Info: ConnorTheOtter

5 years ago#8
Official Dragonite of the Pokemon X & Y Boards
3DS FC: 3093 - 7635 - 8978

User Info: CharizardFire

5 years ago#9
Clair's with me.

User Info: KroganBallEater

5 years ago#10
I call Hilda!
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