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Why are Gen 1 & 2 beloved?

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User Info: Long_Bottom

4 years ago#11
Gen one had the blandest region and horrible excuses for Pokemon evolutions. (Dugtrio, Magneton, Muk, Electrode, Dodrio, Poliwrath, Machamp, I could go on.)

One could argue that it also had the most unimaginative Pokemon, but I like how natural and grounded they were.

Gen two had the most useless, filler Pokemon.
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User Info: DeathSnipe777

4 years ago#12
Nostalgia is a big part of it. Unfortunately, it's hard to discern between nostalgic genwunners and people with respectable opinions.
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User Info: Maurith

4 years ago#13
They're "bad"* in comparison to recent games, sure. They're still fun, and decent. Red and Blue started it all, and Gold and Silver offered so much more while being on the same format. I don't just mean breeding, day/night and all that, even in terms of just the Pokémon - it was still dominantly the previous 150 but you could get even more. The newness wasn't forced upon you like subsequent games. They're just absolutely incredible for games compatible with the original GameBoy.

*How can you say this anyway? :/ They're all the same, expanding formula. Why so negative, just say "not as good" or something =_=
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User Info: Benzychenz

4 years ago#14
They had the least amount of bad designs. And good design doesn't mean good pokemon, Dunsparce is a good design for what it's representing.
From gen 3 onwards the style subtly changed. It's almost a more... anime look.

Sure, there were some bad ideas (Jynx, Dugtrio, Exeggcute), but the good ideas were ALL done with good designs. The problem with the later generations is that a lot of good ideas are ruined by bad designs, such as the Kami trio.

User Info: SpeedDaemon

4 years ago#15
It's for a few reasons, one of which is because they set the roots in place for the series that we enjoy now. Other reasons are that a lot of vocal online people started playing pokemon in the late '90s/early '00s when Gens I and II were the current status quo. They added new types, shinies, and breeding. They added some fan favorite pokemon like Arcanine, Charizard, Gyarados, Snorlax, Dragonite, Gengar, Alakazam, Starmie, Scizor and Steelix. The rivals in both are fan favorites, a lot of the gym leaders/elite four are fan favorites (Brock, Misty, Koga, Giovanni, Lance, Jasmine, Whitney, Morty, Karen, etc.) They added weekly events, day/night cycles, the special attack/special defense split, etc. Lots of great stuff that are just sort of a given now. Basically the argument is that they gave more to the series than later generations. I played Red,-Black 2 and I personally do agree that Silver is my favorite and I enjoyed it the most for its time, but I freely admit that later generations are superior games. They're superior though because they built on and expanded the great ideas Red, Blue, Gold, and Silver.
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User Info: R0cks0l1dd

4 years ago#16
Nostalgia and that the fact that the Pokemon fad died down near the end of Gen II.
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User Info: TherianReturns

4 years ago#17
I am sick of people saying "nostalgia" and act like that's a bad thing. Leave the people alone that have fond memories of playing the old games. Don't blame others that you didn't have that much of a fun childhood.
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User Info: Hirokey123

4 years ago#18
They get respect because together they laid the core foundation of the series, the other games built off what those two gens started. From a strictly gameplay perspective they are arguably the most inferior but that's only to be expected it's like comparing the gameboy to the 3DS. Though when compared to games in their time they were actually quite impressive. In a sense it's basically you need to respect the past not berate it and spit on it because that past is the reason the better present exists. Nostalgia is also a big factor to as the majority of pokemon players started with Gen 1&2 and they don't like it when people insult their memories.
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User Info: keybladesrus

4 years ago#19
TherianReturns posted...
I am sick of people saying "nostalgia" and act like that's a bad thing. Leave the people alone that have fond memories of playing the old games. Don't blame others that you didn't have that much of a fun childhood.

Nostalgia on its own is not a bad thing. When it prevents people from enjoying something new because, in their eyes, it can never live up to the originals, that is when nostalgia becomes a bad thing. Nostalgia is good as long as you're not blinded by it.
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User Info: ryudin89

4 years ago#20
HiddenDoorway posted...
Nostalgia goggles.

The original R/B/Y are incredibly flawed, but FR/LG fixed most of those problems.

G/S/C is just terrible, yet loved so much for some reason. Even HG/SS didn't save them. Only 100 new Pokemon and the majority of them are bland and/or forgettable. It's home to the most forgettable Pokemon of all time, Qwilfish. Not to mention Johto is just horribly designed. There are barely any trainers, you can (and most likely will) reach the Elite 4 before even cracking level 40. Yeah, you could go to Kanto, but it was an incredibly watered down version of Kanto.

Objectively, The first two gens are some of the worst.

You pretty much took the words right out of my mouth.
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